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TREC "Don't Do These Things" List
I’m not professing or holding myself out to be a police of TREC violations. I am offering some friendly reminders to my colleagues and customers whom I know always want to do the right thing but sometimes we need a refresher on the basic "do not do" list.

When negotiating contracts that bind a sale, option, lease or rental of any real property, a licensee shall use only the promulgated TREC contract forms with the exceptions of an agent representing herself as a principal, not as an agent or prepared by an attorney.

Sustainability and Universal Design
It is estimated that over 30 million Americans face the day to day activities which take place in their homes in a wheelchair or walker. Veterans coming home from the service of our country are faced with disabilities they have to deal with for the rest of their lives. Silents and Boomers want to “age in place” and have a home that is accessible and sustainable. The problem with finding a solution to remedy these issues was the houses that were designed in the past, prior to current plans, were ugly and expensive.

How neat are your receipts?
The Realtors, do the terms organization, receipts, or taxes send a shutter through you amidst an already busy life? Needless to say you are not alone unless you have a staff member or bookkeeper that tends to the financial end of your business. If that is indeed the case then you have made a wise business decision.

For the other 80% or more of real estate agents, basic organization and management of receipts is an on going challenge. When realtors spend too much of their time managing the financial aspect of their business they leave less time for prospecting or simply refueling for the next day. Mind you it is imperative that real estate entrepreneurs maintain closely monitored expense and income reports as well as making their quarterly tax payments in a timely manner.

Every Employee is the Key to Your Company’s Reputation and Success

In the words of General Norman Schwarzkopf:

“I think that there is one really fundamental military truth: And that’s that you can add up the correlation of forces, you can look at the number of tanks, you can look at the number of airplanes, you can look at these factors of military might and put them together. But, unless the soldier on the ground or the airman in the air has the will to win, has the strength of character to go into battle…All the rest is irrelevant.”

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The Assessment of Your Business is Personal

It is time to assess your goals you put in place the first of the year. We are half way through the year and if you are not where you intended to be, ask yourself why not. Here are my personal suggestions for moving your business forward fast and efficiently.

As part of the process, you might call your good customers and ask them for any feedback they can give you to increase your business, the second half of the year, to the level you expect it to reach based on your good business planning and goals.

Work on your marketing program over the next 30 days. Your networking may need to expand either on the personal level or on the E-Social media level. Do an assessment of where your contacts or referrals are coming from. That is the area which deserves extra emphasis including old school “thank you notes” to those loyal persons who are helping you succeed.

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Advertising - Choosing Words that Sell

When it comes to writing marketing pieces for promotion and advertising both you and your properties there are some words that just do a better job of “call to action”.

The following words will help you do the selling:

You or your – “You” is the most powerful word you can choose. It is more powerful than the word money. So instead of writing for example, “my clients say working with me is the best thing that ever happened to them”. Write, “You will notice a huge difference between my professional experience and that of any agent you have worked with in the past”. “You are the most important part of my job. Keeping you happy is my goal.”

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The Next Generation
Those born between the early 1990’s and the early 2000’s have a common name and common thread, the Internet. Generation Z also known as Generation Net have become the most recent generation. The earliest birth year for a Gen Z is commonly agreed at 1991. These people were born at the dawn of the World Wide Web.

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The InterNet Generation
The Generation between 18 and 34 are inclusive of the Generation Y group. This younger Y Group has been referred to as the entitlement generation as they have a sense of entitlement to anything that is technology related. This means entitled to any new upgrade, product, tool, communication devices. The “Net Generation” is overwhelmingly deserving of another term, the C Generation for the Connection Generation since they are constantly connected. This group accounts for 23% of the U.S. population but accounts for 39% of smartphone users. Again, this is the Y Generation and or Net Generation.

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QR code = Quick Response Code
From Wikipedia: a QR code abbreviated from Quick Response code is a specific matrix barcode or two dimensional code that is readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera telephones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded may be text, URL, or other data.
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