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Metrostudy sees positive outlook for Texas
The Greater Houston Builder Association (GHBA) held itís mid-year forecast luncheon with Mike Inselmann of Metrostudy presenting 2008 and 2009ís outlook of the housing markets in Texas. Metrostudy is a nationwide provider of real estate housing market information as well as related industries. Mr. Inselmann projects that 2009 we will see an increase in home starts and a move toward a progressive real estate market rebound. Where will this happen? Texas, of course...
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Residential Real Estate

Now is the Time to Be in Sales in Texas
The Texas real estate market is still thriving despite the recession that has hit the majority of the nation. Texas is poised for the next real estate boom with the influx of people beginning to migrate to the state...
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Strategies That Work When the Market Dips
In sales and when sales are going through a more difficult economic time period do not stay in the office working. Instead, go out and call on your customers and clients and prospects. You know where to find them. Get back involved with the clubs, associations and networking groups that you ďused to be actively involved inĒ. It is time for face to face contact.

Now is the time to add to your specialty. It is time to take some designation courses such as Home Staging, Luxury Home Marketing, Generational Selling Techniques, Buyer Agency, Short Sales, and Green Courses. It is time to make yourself more intelligent and add potential revenue to your gross income. NAR member survey shows an additional $37, 000 is possible by adding at least one designation. Designation courses are hotter than ever in the nation with agents having more available time and using it to increase their power with knowledge. You now have time to redirect your energy to selling opportunities that you didnít have time for when the market was boomtown. Take courses on commercial, investment strategy, property management, finance to increase your business acumen.

This is a good time to truly evaluate your team of professionals. The ones that are consistently upbeat, positive and productive during these different times are the keepers and the ones you remember when the market spikes back up. They will be the ones to get the additional bonuses, perks and kudos. Make a written note during these times as to who you have truly enjoyed being around and doing business with. When times are easy and business plentiful, it is easy to lose track of whom the true dynamic players are on your team.

Be honest but compassionate with your sales team and family. Try to send a positive message about your company, the market, and your personal goals for the next months ahead. No one wants to hear doom and gloom. Always give yourself and your sales team or family a view of good things ahead in the short future.

This is the time to reorganize your company, your budget, and your incentives. Perhaps your company has been accustomed to incentive plans. That does not and should not change. Sales people do well with incentives. Perhaps the incentive is a gift card or a trophy or a celebration luncheon in lieu of hard cash which may have been the practice in the past. It is known that many people perform and compete for the satisfaction of simple recognition.

Training time is always welcomed. People want to do their best and if you increase time spent on training your agents, yourself on new skills, you have maximized productivity through business focused sales training. This definitely prepares everyone for busier times ahead. And, without doubt, we know there are going to be busier times ahead.

Get organized, get trained, and get more designation courses. You will make more money.

Rita Santamaria is the owner of Champions School of Real Estate at Rita was recently awarded by Top 25 Most Influential Women in Real Estate. Champions is the RealtyU Pinnacle Award Winning School.

Real Estate News

Getting Past the Mortgage Crisis
Compliance is now the buzzword when it comes to the mortgage lending industry. The industry, after the huge fall-out, is now going back to the way it used to do business. Proof of income, proof of assets and good to excellent credit scores are once again the benchmarks by which consumers are able to obtain loans. Gone are the days where you just had to have a pulse (in some states a pulse was not even needed) to qualify for a loan.
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