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Metrostudy sees positive outlook for Texas
The Greater Houston Builder Association (GHBA) held itís mid-year forecast luncheon with Mike Inselmann of Metrostudy presenting 2008 and 2009ís outlook of the housing markets in Texas. Metrostudy is a nationwide provider of real estate housing market information as well as related industries. Mr. Inselmann projects that 2009 we will see an increase in home starts and a move toward a progressive real estate market rebound. Where will this happen? Texas, of course...
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Residential Real Estate

Now is the Time to Be in Sales in Texas
The Texas real estate market is still thriving despite the recession that has hit the majority of the nation. Texas is poised for the next real estate boom with the influx of people beginning to migrate to the state...
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Thinking about a career as a Professional Home Inspector

Would you like a career where you are your own boss and work your own schedule? A professional Home Inspector allows you the flexibility to work for yourself, set your hours and spend a great deal working outside. It is a great career for entrepreneurs who like spending time outside and helping people with one of the most important purchases they will make in their lifetime. Follow the simple steps below to get started.

1. Complete pre-licensing educational courses.

In order to become a professional licensed inspector in the state of Texas, you must complete 328 hours of educational experience that includes the following:

Complete 128 hours of core real estate inspection courses (8 of which must be related to the study of standards of practice, legal issues, or ethics related to the profession of real estate inspections) AND one of the following:

  1. Has been actively licensed as a Real Estate Inspector for at least 12 months during the 24 month period prior to filing the Professional Application AND has completed 200 inspections (175 of which are performed under indirect supervision while licensed as a Real Estate Inspector and 25 of which were completed under direction supervision as an apprentice).
  2. Has completed an additional 200 classroom hours of core inspector education. Of these hours, the following courses must be taken: 30 hours in Foundation Systems, 25 hours in Roof Systems, 30 hours in Framing, 25 hours in Electrical Systems, 25 hours in HVAC Systems, 25 hours in Plumbing, 12 hours in Building Enclosure, 6 hours in Appliances, 8 hours in Standards of Practice/Legal/Ethics, 8 hours in Standard Report Form/Report Writing, and 6 hours of other core inspection approved courses; and
In addition to the 328 hours, one of the following requirements must be met:
  1. 120 hours in an experience training module (provide a letter from the education provider or a course completion certificate); or
  2. 120 hours inspecting with a licensed Professional Inspector who is eligible to sponsor applicants and can provide a letter certifying attendance; or
  3. 5 years of personal experience in a field directly related to home inspecting (provide 2 reference letters from persons other than the applicant who has personal knowledge of the applicant’s work).

2. Send Certificates and the Evaluation of Education Document form to the Texas Real Estate Commission.

After completing all of your real estate inspector educational courses, you will send a copy of your certificates for each course and the Evaluation of Education Documents form to the Texas Real Estate Commission. You will need to include a $30 check or money order payable to TREC.

3.  File your Application for your Professional Inspector's License.

You will want to mail into the Texas Real Estate Commission your Professional Inspector License application along with a $60.00 check or money order made payable to the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).

4.  Receive Your Letter from the State & Schedule Your State Exam

Once you receive your approval letter and the "Candidate Information Brochure" (CIB) from TREC, you must schedule to take your exam with PSI Examination Services. Appointments can be made by calling (800) 733-9267 or visiting The cost is $59 payable to PSI. You must pass the exam with a 80% or higher, and you will know if you have passed the exam before you leave the testing center. NOTE: You must pass the state exam within 6 months of the application approval.

Note: If the applicant does not pass the exam after the third time, the applicant must wait 6 months from the last fail date to reapply to take the State Exam.

Real Estate News

Getting Past the Mortgage Crisis
Compliance is now the buzzword when it comes to the mortgage lending industry. The industry, after the huge fall-out, is now going back to the way it used to do business. Proof of income, proof of assets and good to excellent credit scores are once again the benchmarks by which consumers are able to obtain loans. Gone are the days where you just had to have a pulse (in some states a pulse was not even needed) to qualify for a loan.
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Texas Real Estate License

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