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Classroom Customer Service

Information about the Classroom format

A classroom course means that the course is a traditional educational course held in a classroom with an instructor. You will receive a book to bring to class and the instructor with teach you all the material that you are required to cover for the course. If the course is a 30 hour course then you must be present for exactly 30 hours. **A $20 Late Registration Fee is applied if you enroll less than 24 hours before the start of a class**

Information about the Fast-Track Correspondence format - (formally Classroom Fast-Track)

Champion's Fast-Track Correspondence (formally called classroom fast-track) course format is an instructor led correspondence course. The official approval through the Texas real estate commission is as a correspondence course so you are free to take the course at any pace you see fit. With the Fast-Track courses, you have a scheduled class time which you will be taught the most important points of the course material but remember you are still responsible and will be tested on all the material in the course. **A $20 Late Registration Fee is applied if you enroll less than 24 hours before the start of a class**

How to change your schedule or format

You can reschedule your course time up until the first day of the course. Contact a Champions Career Counselor to schedule or re-schedule your courses. You can change the format of your course, for example from classroom to online, for a $35 transfer fee.

What to Expect

In a classroom format, the schedule is strict. You must arrive on time or early and the class is required to run the full scheduled time. Do not expect to be able to leave early. The homework and final exam will be taken during the class time. Everything within a classroom course is self-contained.

Who should take this format

Classroom courses are recommended for people who learn best in the traditional classroom environment. Learners who need structure and steady pace that can only come from an instructor. We also recommend heavy note takers sit in a classroom environment so there is a better focus and insight on the most important material.

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