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Student Testimonials

At Champions School of Real Estate™, our number 1 focus is your successful career in real estate. We feel we provide very high quality Texas real estate education and our customers agree. Here is what they have had to say.

My name is DJ Friese, most recent student of the Professional Home Inspection courses there at Champions. I just took my State/National Exams on 7/7/17 and Passed both on the very first time. I owe a huge gratitude of Thanks to Champions School of Real Estate at the Houston Noth Branch and its staff for helping me accomplish this. I must say my experience while attending courses there whether past or present has always been exemplary and of the utmost Professionalism that shows and bleeds thru each and every staff member there. I want to personally thank Mrs Rita for having a vision of success and obviously her passion for helping people has bled over into the great staff who represent Champions Real Estate. Stating that i want to also thank Mrs Rhondalyn Riley who in the past was my instructor for the CPO class i attended 4 years ago which was my very first experience with Champions Courses and was my instructor recently for all my Home Inspector courses except the exam prep course. Everyone knows that not anyone can stand in front of a large group and hold their attention for more than 5 mins unless you have a passion for what you do. Mrs Rhondalyn is a valuable tool and asset as an instructor there and her knowledge and style of teaching was impeccable. She kept the learning experience interesting and enjoyable the entire time each day even though some classes were 10 hours long..I didn't want to stop for breaks when she called out for breaks. Another big thanks goes out to Mr. Roy Carter who also made the learning experience enjoyable for the prep exam course. He is very knowledgeable also and has a passion for his career. I'm sure all the instructors there are the same as well which whom I haven't met or Mrs Rita wouldn't have them there I'm sure. I look forward to a most successful and glorious career as an Home Inspector which I have been dreaming about since I began a construction company in 1990. I can't believe I'm actually a Professional Home Inspector. I really want to thank you also Mrs Janie for helping me and answering all my questions and following up with my certificates ensuring that I had all the tools and materials to succeed. Can tell you have the passion for what you do. A blind person can walk in there and can tell right away just from the sound from each and everyone of the staff there, that there is an atmosphere of pride, people who are happy to be working at Champions. That atmosphere has definitely bled over into me as well. It has me wishing I could work there also someday either as an instructor or just being on the staff in some capacity. I never told anyone this but i was a Pastor for over 17 years and thru that experience I developed a lifestyle of not just speaking positive reinforcement into other people's lives but lived it as well. I am a motivational speaker and I love being around positive people and helping others to become positive. I literally didn't run into one person while I was there who wasn't positive. I look forward to attending additional classes there in the future. On a last note I want to say if Champions wants to use me as a testimonial, I would proudly state my success story on how that Champions Real Estate courses has helped accomplished this in my life. Again "Thank You Champions"

- DJ Friese


I want to thank you for the wonderful program you and your cohorts have put together at Champions.

For the last fifteen years, I was in IT and in that field, two thing are very apparent: One - you're almost always going to be working for 'the man' and two - your job can disappear overnight.

Being a consummate do-it-yourselfer, I always had a hankering for working in the housing industry but at my age, I just couldn't envision myself starting over as a journeyman electrician or apprentice plumber. But last fall, fate intervened.

In October, my girlfriend and I bought a house that required two inspections, one for us and one for the town of Aubrey. Prior to the inspections I started thinking that just maybe this might be a way to change careers.

By the time inspection day rolled around, I had a bunch of questions ready and didn't hesitate to pluck their brains to find out more about the home inspection business. Independent of one another, both inspectors had almost the exact same answers; they work alone, they work for themselves, they both love what they do and both of them recommended getting involved. In fact the inspector I hired was the one who recommended Champions School of Real Estate. His name is Sammy Bickham and I'm very grateful to him for suggesting Champions. The rest as they say is history.

- Tim Nicholas

In 1999 I was looking to get into the real estate business and wanted to find a place to take the courses, I found Champions. Not only did they offer the services I was looking for, the teachers were so attentive and the made the classroom experience really enjoyable. Everyone was so professional and I was so pleased with the education I received. Fast forward twelve years after receiving my salesperson license, I was contemplating getting my Broker license. I contacted Patti and asked her what steps I would need to take to begin the process of getting the Broker License. She researched it and set me up for the 17 classes I needed to take. I was able to take the classes online, which worked perfect with my busy schedule. After they were complete, I registered for the classroom prep test. I passed the test with flying colors and I accredit that to the prep test since it helped me feel more at ease and confident when taking the test. Today Champions continues to provide incredible service. Whether someone is a new or a seasoned agent needing MCE or any special certification, Champions is the place to go.

-Kenneth Zarella


I wanted to thank you for the CPO instruction. I enjoyed the time in class and appreciated both your expertise and your teaching approach. I am looking forward to learning each day in this industry and using your teaching as my foundation. Thanks again for your committment to the future of pool operation!


Curtis King


I took the exam this Saturday and passed on my first try. I am confident that had I not taken your exam prep course I would not, could not have passed the test. As you will recall I took the main inspection course from another school and it just did not prepare me well enough to take the test.

You came highly recommended by Chad Ware and I am so glad I followed his advise and signed up for your course. You are a great instructor and I thoroughly enjoyed your class. I look forward to taking many more classes from you in the future. Champions School of Real Estate has a great program, from the book and flash cards to the instruction. I couldn't have asked for better.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

John Cameron

The following testimonials were received from happy students following a 2013 Prep class that was taught by Andy Ingram in Fort Worth!

  • "Hi Andy, I wanted to say thank you, for sharing you Shark knowledge with us little guppies. I took the test on Tuesday and passed. Yippee!"
  • "Hi Andy! I was in your Tue/Wed day class last week. I took the exam this morning and passed both exams! I made an 83 on the State exam and an 85 on the National exam. I was thrilled to see “pass” on both exams! Thank you for some great instruction! Have a blessed week!"
  • "Thank you for your efforts in teaching us Test/Exam Prep at the Ft. Worth Champions location last week."
  • "I sat for the exam this morning… only missed 1 question on the state portion and 3 on the national portion. Pass 97%/Pass 96%. Your diligence in preparing us for the “real deal” is appreciated."
  • "I Passed! Got 27/30 on State and 65/80 on National. Thanks again for everything your class was a huge help."
  • "I want to thank you again for all your help in the real estate prep course. I passed my state exam today, and this time, instead of failing by one question, I only missed one question. Because I was an online student at a local community college, I had concerns that I would struggle with my licensing exam missing that teacher/student interaction. Your class was the missing link. You did an outstanding job of using scenarios and bringing everything together and making it all understandable. I really enjoyed your conversations about your personal experiences in real estate over the past 20 years. You have made a tremendous and lasting impact towards the start of my real estate career. I hope in the future I can service others the as you have for me."
  • "I was in your prep class Sept 14th and 15th, and I just wanted to shoot you an e-mail letting you know that I passed, and your prep class made it all possible. Thank you so much, and your teaching skills really helped me in areas i was being challenged with."
  • "Again, thank you for making a difference in my life, and also making a difference in everyones life that are in your class. I really enjoy knowing people that pay if forward to help other. Just know that you have make a huge impact in my life."
  • "On July 24, 2013 a friend of mine who is the broker of Greater Mansfield Realtors Inc. encouraged me to get my real estate salesperson license. So I did in one month! I passed my national and state exams with flying colors! And as of August 20, 2013 I became an active real estate salesperson with Greater Mansfield Realtors. With this said, I found your class extremely beneficial and wanted to thank you for passing your knowledge (especially your analogies) down to us. Through your class I learned how to take the test, now it's time to learn how to be an agent!"
  • "Thank you for helping me become a champion."
  • "Just wanted to let you know as of this week I have become active and ready to start selling...! Thanks for your help in preparing me for the BIG TEST to pass it the 1st time around..."
  • "I passed with higher scores than expected! Thanks to Champions and your keen instruction."
  • "A short note to tell you I passed! I must say I could hear yours & Wauketa's voice in the back of my head on the test on most of the questions, it was very reassuring! I know that without you and Wauketa pounding and pounding the knowledge in my head, passing probably would not have been very likely the first time around."
  • "I took the state exam last week, two days after taking the prep course with you in FTW. It was every bit as hard as the practice exam in the prep class. I made pretty much the same (didn’t get that bump up in points!) – 95 on the national and 90 on the state. It really helped to take your prep course and to take the courses at Champions in general. I would not have passed, at least not the first time."
  • "I took the TREC salesperson exam this morning and passed in the 95% in national and 87% on state. I just wanted to thank you for the Champion's School Prep classes, I feel that the information provided in this class prepared me not only for the content but also the way the questions were styled on the exam."

Good afternoon Cyndi,

Just a quick note to say thank you to Champions for providing me the education and confidence to pass the TREC sales examination on my first effort this morning. I met with you at your facility on 8/12, and since traveled and had a typical day to day life while studying.

Two things are key;

  1. The straightforward online directions of chronological steps and where (with links) to go to be registered for the courses, fingerprinting, and testing is invaluable.
  2. The instructional content is complete and specific, the test(s) are remarkably similar to study guides, homework questions, and pre-tests.
My course regimen was solely on-line, including the PREP for the exam. I would recommend Champions to anybody that has interest in passing the state examination, and more - to those who have an interest in LEARNING the information. I will hold onto the study materials in the event I need to refer to them in the future. I hope your other students have the same success. Like I said - I felt confident going in.


Chris Hale

Hi Becky,

I just wanted to let you know that I had such a great time learning from you this weekend. You have a great skill, and is no coincidence that you've been so successful. I wish that when I get to get to have a broker, they are at least half as knowledgeable and interpersonal as you. Thank you for everything, and have a kick butt week!

Frank Ortiz

Hi David

I took your prep class this past weekend and first of all I just wanted to say thank you, because you are great teacher and you really made the class a lot of fun. I took my test on Monday and passed (yay). Taking the prep class helped a great deal and most everything on the test was what we covered in class. I noticed that the key was to really read and understand the questions...

Thanks again

John Semerjibashian

"Just a quick note to say thank you for all your company does for new agents entering our industry! I have to say, the agents that we recruit from Champions are the best trained out there!!! You are making a HUGE difference on their success after completing their education!!! When a new agent comes to my office and I see they are from Champions, I know they are ready!"

~Tony Caliendo,
Owner/CEO KW Urban Dallas
Team Leader KW Urban Dallas

Dear Champions Staff,

Champions School of Real Estate will be my choice for any MCE classes that I will need in the future!!! I took previous MCE classes at a college location in Austin that changed their 2 day classes to a 4 day format and that does not work with my schedule. I just want to let you know that I truly enjoyed the 15 hour MCE Game Changers class with Allen Hancock!!!

I learned so much from Allen Hancock and the students in the class. You learn from the experiences that other professionals in the field share and most of them are from the local San Antonio, New Braunfels, Canyon Lake and Seguin areas. Allen has a passion to teach and share trade information that makes his students more successful. I come from an educational background and the man has the gift to share knowledge with his students. Best of all, he kept it interesting!

When Mr. Hancock had an emergency, you came up with a "Plan B" that was absolutely wonderful! How thoughtful of you to order lunch! You let us keep working and learning (while eating lunch at your expense). Plus, we were able to complete the course in a timely manner and Mr. Hancock was able to handle his emergency. That action on your part was just awesome and I am grateful for your quick thinking to come up with a plan that worked for all involved!

From the moment we walked in the door, you made us feel right at home. We got a welcome and direction on where to go for the class. The coffee and tea at break time was a special touch which means a lot!!! You will see me again for my next MCE update. I will be calling to make sure I get in Allen's class. Online and correspondence classes are fine, but nothing can replace the classroom with a knowledgeable instructor and the opportunity to network with other professionals in the industry. Champions is a top notch School of Real Estate with professional staff that make it happen! Keep up the hard work--it is appreciated! Thank you so much!

Diana L. Hanz

Champions sets an industry standard of professionalism. The knowledgeable instructors and friendly staff create an atmosphere that truly inspires confidence for those on a new career path. The key to success is always a great foundation and Champions delivers!!

Tammy GardnerREALTOR® TAHS
Vice President, Williamson County Division

Hi Ellen,

Land Cheah, Gerry MrCreary as well as I will like to say "Thank you for all your help" you are a great teacher, and we were lucky to have you as our instructor. I promised that I would get in touch and let you know how well we did, well YES! we passed. Land with high 90's you know how she is.

Thanks again,

Martha L. Hildebrand


I just wanted you to know that your Farm and Ranch class last Friday at Champions in Dallas, was the most interesting class I have taken in many years.

Thanks very much.


Jay W.

Thank you Lori!! It is really you all that helps us and deserve a "Great Job"...I would not be able to navigate thru TREC without Champions and the continued friendly and knowledge support of the staff!!!!

So Thank You!! :)




I just wanted to drop you a quick email telling you THANK YOU for your help and Instruction.

I took your Inspector Test Prep Class Feb 9-10 in Plano and I can guarantee you that without your help and Teaching, I would have never been able to PASS (with flying colors), "THE STATE AND NATIONAL TESTS" that I took and PASSED (First Time) today at PSI in Dallas.

I enjoyed meeting you and can assure you that Champion is now my school for all continuing education as a Professional Inspector for the State of Texas


Dear Pat and Champions Staff,

I just want to thank you all for assisting me in passing my National and State exams. I have been a Loan Processor with Gold Financial for the last 7 years. I took an attempt at the National exam when we were first required to be licensed just to satisfy my supervisor’s request. As a Processor, I was certain that I would pass the exam. I was mistaken. Fast forward to present day, my supervisor again requested that I take the exam to obtain my license. Having been defeated once and now having several more years of Processing under my belt….I realized that it was time for me to rid myself of “the monkey on my back.” I signed up for the 20 hour course with Champions as well as the National and State prep courses. I must say, sacrificing 3 working days and 2 weekend days….didn’t really sound like my cup of tea per say. However, Pat made it fun and informative. Having that interaction helped me tremendously. Pat not only taught us the course material but he also taught us testing techniques. Now having all of these tools at my finger tips…I felt ready to take my exams. To prepare for my exams, I re-read the course material while taking notes and marking where I felt I struggled. I then re-took all of the chapter quizzes and then took some mock exams. For every question I got wrong, I re-reviewed that section. The morning of, I reviewed my notes and re-reviewed my struggles…took a deep breadth and told myself that I just needed to try. During my exam and as Pat had instructed, I read the question, read the answers, re-read the question and then re-asked myself the question…I found that by re-asking myself the questions, I was able to see what questions were designed to trick you. I marked very few questions for review. Upon going back to review, I could not find a better reason to change my answer so as Pat had instructed, I didn’t change my answers.

I honestly am beyond grateful for the days spent with all of you. Pat is a hoot and a great teacher. The rest of the Champions Staff was very welcoming and inviting and conversational all the while maintaining a professional atmosphere. When I decide to further pursue my career more (as Pat would say, “I will not have just one source of income”), I will most certainly come back to you guys. You all were a blessing for me and because of all of you, I am well on my way to a new chapter in my career. I will forever market you guys to all who will listen and ask.

If you are ever in need of an Aggie/Loan Processor/RMLO….please let me know.

Danielle Payne
The “Favorite Aggie”
P.S. “WHOOP!!!!!”

Hello Jennifer,

Just a short note of thanks for all of the help that you and your staff provided for me while taking my review at Champions School of Real Esate in Dallas! Both you and your team are the EPITOME of professionals, and your help was priceless. You make the whole process easy, understandable, and very pleasant to attend.

I took your review and passed the exam the first time! You and your team are the very best! I wish you many happy returns as you continue to help those looking for a new real estate career in any endeavor. Please feel free to use me for any referrals at any time, as I am very appreciative of the help you provided me in study and testing! My partner and I sold a property three weeks after our first listing!

Thanks again and best regards,

Tommy L. Briscoe, Realtor

Hi Kim,

I've recently finished my course work at Champions in Plano and am now eligible to take the real estate salespersons test in Texas. I have been a licensed real estate broker in three other states (New Mexico, Arizona and Alaska) and have been involved in real estate brokerage and commercial development for over 28 years.

I just wanted you to know that my experience at Champions was a real pleasure. The staff and instructors are very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. It really was a great experience for me and is the best real estate school I've ever attended. I conveyed my thoughts to Cynthia and she asked if I didn't mind sharing my story with you. I am happy to do so and will recommend Champions to anyone looking to further their knowledge (or start from scratch) in real estate.


Tim Irvin

Yesterday I took my exam and passed both with an 86! This is possible bc of your wonderful school and instructors. I want to personally thank Dorothy Haley, Ellen Roylance, Jay Gilden and Kristin Wilson for being such wonderful instructors and all there did in my journey to passing the Exam. I look forward to taking classes in the future from your campus.

Again thank you.

Brandi Lewis-Henderson


I enrolled with Champions online classes for the Salesperson Exam Review. Just for your records, I passed the state/national test with a 93% in each area. Thank you for helping me to complete that process with confidence!

Kathleen Walstrom

Hi Reba,

Last week I passed my exam on my first try! Since I took most of my classes with you, I wanted to thank you for everything. I learned a great deal from your classes and actually enjoyed it too. I have more to learn but feel this was a good foundation.

Thanks again!!
Monica Wu

Mrs. Santamaria,

Thank you so very much for providing this opportunity for myself and so many others. My experience at Champions School of Real Estate was one I will never forget. The instructors were top notch and I could not have done this without them! I look forward to what the future holds for my family and I can not wait to get started in my new career. It is a matter of time before my name is well known in the field of Home Inspectors and rest a sure, you will be proud to know that I started at Champions School of Real Estate!

Travis Kepp

Just wanted to let you know that I took the test on Saturday and I passed. There were 3 Questions that were totally OFF base but hell if I can remember them. Thank you so much for all of your help, because of your stories and the way you taught the class a lot of information came back to me while reading the questions. I was the last on in and the first one out. So excited. I look forward to seeing you around.

Malisa Spivey
Key Real Estate Services
E-PRO, SFR - Realtor/Property Manager
515 N. Hewitt Drive * Hewitt, Texas 76643

Hi Roy,

I am one of your students from the Houston campus. You mentioned in class you would like to know how the state exam turned out. I took the exam yesterday and passed (score was 146). I so very much appreciate your efforts and the efforts of your fellow instructors. I felt very well prepared and well "schooled" in the material and strategy for taking the test. I am sure our paths will cross again soon in a class or function of some sort. Thanks again for all you do for those of us starting a career as inspectors.

Bill Anderson

Hey Mr. Wilson!

I passed the certification test! WOOOHOOOOO!!!! Could you please send me the boards checklist of the things they are looking for when they do the workfile audit? That would be greatly appreciated. And again, thank you for being patient with me and giving me the tools to pass the test. Passing this test was a big step for my family.


Cole Barnhill

Dear Randy-

I was in your PRINC 1 class 8/8/12, Contracts after that. A review for me in prep for the R E Broker exam. Your expectation of me was 100%, 100%. I took the R E Broker Exam 10/8/12. On my first try, I didn't get 100%, 100%, but I got PASS, PASS! I'm a licensed R E Broker now, I'm 100% excited!

Thank you!

Dinah Voelkel

Congrats! I also passed my salesman exam last week!

Your class was a big help Reba!

Thanks so much!

Sheri Miller

I passed my broker’s exam!
Thanks Reba for a very helpful class!

Marilyn Massey


Thank you very much for a Great class as usual. YES, I did pass my Exam as well. I am a “Broker” now.

Thank you again.

Moe Paknia

Ms. Elizabeth Hernendez,

I took my broker's exam this morning. I passed. I passed both sections. First try! Onto the next level! Couldn't have done it without you and all the instructors who helped!

Alan G. Bonny
Your Friend in Real Estate!
Realty Associates

Dear Linda,

I want to express my appreciation and gratitude to the instructors and support staff of Champions School of Real Estate.

I started the program June 12th, 2012 in Fort Worth, TX. I took the exam July 19th, 2012. I missed 3 of 30 on the state and 7of 80 on the National. These scores are a direct reflection of the instructors you have at Champions.

I would like to give my primary instructor, Andy Ingram a special thanks. It was through his methods and examples in class, that I, and many others in the class, were able to understand the sometimes complicated concepts, so easily.

I would also like to thank Robert Meche, my prep instructor, for his hard work.

I would finally like to thank the support staff, the people behind the curtain, for there help.


Michael W. Owens


I passed the real estate licensing exam on Tuesday! Thank you for all the hard work you did to prepare me for the exam and a career. I was very well prepared to take the exam. I missed 3 questions on the state exam and 6 on the national.

I hope this email encourages you and other students. You are a talented instructor. I received good training at Champions, but I received great training from you. I took my first real estate class on August the 6th and knew very little about anything. This fact should be helpful to students in the same season of life as I am. It can be done.

Kind Regards,

Josh Slayton

Hello Kim.

Thanks so much and just wanted to let you know that my prep instructor, Mike Banes, was great! I really felt prepared for the tests!

Marjory Johnson
GenEquity Mortgage, Inc.


I just finished the state / national exam prep course (passed my broker exams the next day). Additionally, I took agency and contracts prior to the exam prep. Great job, as always, at Champions!

Furthermore, I wanted to share praise regarding your expert instructors and counselor: Randy, Gary, Robert and Linda Chase.


Cullen Dickey
David Little Real Estate, Inc.

Hi Paul,

I just wanted to let you know that I took the MLO National Component Exam this morning at 10:30 and I PASSED!!! I scored an 82%!!! I gotta tell you though, even though I scored a 96% on my last mock exam I was pretty nervous! Honestly I got concerned from the very first question and for the entire first hour I was thinking "Boy, I'm in trouble! My wife is gonna kick my a**! I ain't never gonna hear the end of this! All my friends know I'm taking this test,,,I'm gonna have to stow away on a ship and leave the country!" But I just kept plugging along and Praising the Lord (quietly)! I remembered some things you said and kept going! I did not close the test until the absolute last minute! Then BOOM! The Exam Report came up on screen and showed I made 82% Pass!!! I've already received an email from NMLS saying that they have received my test result!

I know this. That test is not easy and you can't pass it memorizing exam questions. You've got to "know" the material being covered! I put in a lot of time studying and I took two of your Pre-Test classes! I decided to take the National test first just like you recommended so I focused entirely on that and It paid off, Hallelujah! Now I move my attention to the State Component!

With all that said I can't thank you enough for what you've done for me (and my family). I mentioned to you before that I've spent the last 30 + years in international logistics (moving freight) and it never was that good to me so I decided to make a career change at the age of 58! At a time when most people with years of experience are getting out of loan origination because the tests are too tuff, me in my ignorance decide I'm getting in. LOL!!! Thank God you are there to help guys like me! I mean it Paul, I can't possibly thank you enough!!! Keep doing what you're doing cause you're good at it!!!


Hi Rita,

I passed my Professional Inspector exam this afternoon and I wanted to share the good new news with you and with your incredible staff. The quality of training and instruction that I received from Roy, Rhondalynn and Rob, was second to none and once again proves how special Champions is from the rest!

Warmest regards,

AJ Hernandez

Hi Reba,

First of all I would like to thank you for your teaching services. Being a teacher can be both rewarding and challenging. I especially appreciate your sharing of person situations relating to the business. Your stories provided me with a point of reference with many questions and the repetition of points echoed in my mind. I am happy to say that I passed with flying colors (a direct reflection of your teaching skills) and can't wait to start working. Thanks again for all your help and encouragement,

Xenia DeVaney


I must say that I have gained extreme value from your presentations this past month. I appreciate your attitude and I feel that I owe you more than what you could ever have been compensated by the Champion RE School. I am in debt to you and feel that I have been blessed with an opportunity that I will always remember, value, and put to use.

Will, thanks again


Chuck Thomas

I think that the format of the prep class is great! Before taking the exam, I was a little concerned about the time spent on math review, post-test, I realize that the basics is sufficient for passing the exam. I passed the State/National on the first attempt. Thank you for having a wonderful team of professionals working to produce knowledgeable licensed salespersons/realtors in Texas.

Debbie R. Green

Thank you! Your broker’s prep course was extremely helpful, especially for a Californian taking the Texas exam. I would never have been able to pass the state portion of the exam without your course.

Cheryl London

I was so so pleased with the education I received through Champions!

By the way... I took my exam for my agents license this morning, expecting this to be my first attempt at passing, but I passed both the national and state portion on the first try! The prep class and material prepared me very very well and and mimicked the test perfectly!!

Thanks Champions!!!!


Christy Wyatt


I just wanted to let you know I took my exams at 9:00am this morning and passed with flying colors considering I was the only half awake and not allowed to drink coffee in the testing room...I scored a 93 on my State and a 90 on my National. They don't tell you what ones you got wrong at the end but I know one of them was:

15 hours of MCE must be taken every 2 years to renew a salesman or broker license and must include 6 hours of legal update as mandated by TREC. (NOT: 9 hours)

Even though I was hoping to score a 100% on both I'm very satisfied with my overall scores considering how worried people are about failing completely and then having to retake it. I am truly grateful for being in your exam prep class and I hope to return to Champions one day as a lunch sponsor so I can stand in front of the class and say "If you take exam Prep with David Burton...you will pass on the first try like I did" (Heehee...Reba will kill me!)

Please read this out to your class and don't be so modest when you quote me saying, "Thank you because without you there is no me."

Rose Duncan
Licensed Real Estate Agent

Hi Roy,

I hope all is well. Just wanted to send you a quick email to say thanks for your direction on helping me pass the Inspector's Exam this pass weekend. It was quite a bit, but thanks to you, the others at Champions, and the material covered...there were no suprises. I also wanted to send you this email so you would have my contact information. If you have any information on getting started, feel free to add me to the distribution list. I'm open to all information that you may have.


Lee Hamilton

Hi Janie,

I hope all is well. Thank you so much for the congrats on passing my exam - I still can't believe it! I'm staying with ERA Tramco Realty under my broker Kitty Williams right now - so I can learn the ropes :-)

I also plan on taking other designation courses to be more in demand. It was great hearing from you and I'm looking forward to seeing my Champion's family soon!!! Enjoy your day!

Viola Richardson – Assoc. Broker

Good Morning Dorothy,

I just received formal notice that I passed both parts of the Texas broker examination. I took the examination in El Monte CA.

Many thanks, I am totally pleased with your Champions School of Real Estate and I would enthusiastically recommend it to anyone desirous of obtaining a Texas real estate license. I believe Champions is the most professionally operated real estate school that I have attended during my 35 years in the business. I have held broker licenses in California, Florida and Colorado.

Thanks Dorothy,

Bill Bean
Mobile Home Park Specialist
Santa Clara, CA

Everyone that leaves Champions leaves a Champion - Best school in Texas!!!

-Sheila Joplin

I just completed Principles II yesterday (Kelly Logsdon Rush - instructor). I'm really enjoying the classes - my compliments for both the course materials and the high quality instructors - first class all the way!

-Rich Giles CFP®
Business and Franchise Intermediary

I have been a student, at Champions, for years. I always appreciate your professional team. I’ve had the good fortune of booking my most recent courses with Linda Chase. She is so helpful and knows the licensing criteria like the back of her hand! A real pro.

Further, I attended Law of Contracts on Monday – Tuesday, this week, in Dallas. I need to share kind words regarding the instructor, Robert Meche. I can’t believe that you have someone that actually makes this material exciting! I had fun, and was truly captivated by his presentation, for two days. Robert is a superb teacher and has a real penchant for engaging the class and keeping them on their toes. If he can do this with Law of Contracts…….I’d like to see what he’s capable of with other material. Champions if lucky to have a teacher like Robert.

Great job at the Dallas campus.

Best Regards,

-Cullen Dickey

My experience at Champions has been an awesome one, and I have loved every minute of it! I attribute passing the exam with high scores on the first try to attending Gary Richey's study prep class twice. The earliest I could get my exam scheduled was about 3-1/2 weeks following my first study prep class. So I took Gary's class the second time and then went for the exam immediately the next day. That turned out to be a good plan!

Many thanks to Kelly Logsdon Rush, Randy Smith, and Gary Richey. They are all GREAT instructors! Thank you for everything!

-Kay Bartula

“Thank you for being a great teacher. You were the best teacher… the only one that taught by using real life examples and didn't just read from the book.”

-Seung-Taek "ST" Oh

As always my experience with Champion School of Real Estate was great. In a world of diminishing services and inflated fees, your services are cost worthy. Your communications and "phone" assistance is awesome.

Thank you,

-J. Bennett

Dear Kim:

My name is Jason Mallory and I completed all of my classes there at Champions and I also took the prep class. Robert Meche passed out a survey and asked everyone to return them upon taking the actual exam. This was truly an exceptional class and I believe my success in passing my exams on the first time is due to this class and Robert. I have attached the survey to this email. Just in case you needed it for anything, I also attached photos of my test results. I don't mind sharing as it may be helpful you Champions to see the areas where I did miss some questions.

I would also like to take a moment and say that I truly enjoyed my classes at Champions School of Real Estate. I am telling everyone I know or meet about your school. The staff and instructors are absolutely amazing people. I really like that you can begin your classes at any point and eventually make a full circle where everything just comes together in your mind. Absolutely amazing! I also cannot help but take a moment and mention how helpful Randy is! He is a terrific instructor and when he ads the stories and real world application to the material it just really sinks in.

I am now a loyal advocate for Champions School of Real Estate! Thank you so much for the excellent education!


-Jason Mallory

"Professional and friendly staff. That's what sets Champions School of Real Estate a cut above the rest. They welcome you with open arms and encourage you every step of the way. That boost of confidence helped me transition into a great new career!"

-Cynthia Lee
Licensed Realtor
Kimberly Howell Properties
PT50 Newcomer of the Year

I studied a little more last night, went to work half day then left for Arlington at noon and took the test – it was across from Texas Stadium of all places.

Yesterday on the mock test I did 73 on National and State was 67.

Today, on the real exam, I did 80 on National and 90 on State – I PASSED!! I’m so glad its over as I’m still learning my new job of only 2 months and more than a month taking R/E classes to get licensed quick. I was working asset mgmt with foreclosures (First Preston) the past 4 years and commercial pty mgmt 20+ years for owners/employers before so I didn’t need a license. I can relax now and concentrate.

The questions were more simplistic than our prep questions, the mock test hidden in the CIB is a better representation. But we do learn more with our tests…the prep book was great info condensed from all the classes so we can focus better.

Thank you for your assistance in preparing me for the exam.

Eunice Doehring, RPA® Real Estate Asset Manager Corporate Services

-Cassidy Turley
Dallas, TX

Hello Kristin:

I really enjoyed your class this week and found the material very helpful. Your sense of humor also made the information less dry and more fun. Champion’s is very fortunate to have a trainer with your skills.

You may recall we had conversation on whether I could skip becoming a sales agent and go right to becoming a broker since I am still currently a broker in Illinois. I went to TREC’s website to FAQ’s and got my answer. I called TREC to clarify my interpretation. I promised I would share it with you. Here is the short answer:

If you are a broker from another state and have been active in the state for two of the last three years, you qualify to become a broker in Texas. As you know, the two years becomes four years in 2012. I have been a broker for twelve plus years, so that wouldn’t affect me adversely. All of the educational requirements stay the same. Below is the link to TREC that gives all the details. I hope this helps.

Thanks again. I have enjoyed your class and have enjoyed everyone that I have dealt with at Champion’s. I also thought it was really classy that Rita dropped by the class to thank everyone for attending. That was very impressive. Champions could teach a thing or two to the customer service industry, including many Realtors. I will not consider going anywhere else for the rest of my real estate educational needs. I’m very pleased.

-Vince Feleccia

Mr. Jacobs,

Just wanted you to know that on 8/16/2011 history was made. I passed my license exam in 5 hours and 50 minutes without once getting up from my chair. This was accomplished because of the teaching you provided me over the past year and I am very thankful to have had you as my teacher. I will look forward to the next time we meet.

Sincerely & Thanks again,

-Bill Orr

Hi Kim,

I have been an active Realtor since 1999. A couple months ago I decided it was time to get my broker’s license and take myself to the next level. I had already found out that it would take another 16 classes or 478 hours before I could test, but when I decided to stick to my decision no matter what it took, I stopped by the Coppell Champions School of Real Estate and that is when I met Cindy. She was awesome, she relieved my fear of how much time it would take by explaining how I could take the majority of classes online, and which classes I would benefit from in an actual classroom, in order to really prepare me for the Broker’s exam. While waiting for my books, I had the privilege to meet you and Ms. Rita Santamaria. You were both sooo encouraging, happy, helpful and truly excited for me! I had expressed to Ms. Santamaria that it has always been my fear that has held me back, but she reminded me I have had 12 years experience and I would do fine on the exam. Her words were calming. I took my classes, took the prep class twice, and passed the very first time I tested. I attribute my success with the education and encouragement I received from you and everyone at Champions School of Real Estate. Thank you so much and I look forward to more education with Champions!

Corinne Gowan, Broker
Real Estate since 1999

Hi Rosemary,

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed meeting you and taking your class. You were inspiring, and I hope to see you again in another class.


Hello Rita,

Just wanted to commend Champions School Of Real Estate for their excellent classes. I have attended classes at 3-4 other schools, including the Appraisal Institute, and find that Champions School of Real Estate is at the TOP of the list!!!!! It is the only school I care to attend now, and highly recommend. The school atmosphere and the instructors are absolutely outstanding. All of the instructors that I have encountered at Champions are the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep up the great work!!!!!!!

John B Davis, Sr

Thank you Champions for the wonderful Prep course you offered. I was able to study at my pace and successfully pass my State Exam yesterday. Without the prep course I believe I would not have passed any other way. Thank you again for assembling all the necessary material to make the studying go much smoother.


Tina Burk


I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding Real Estate Prep course. I was just thinking of you today I was continuing my studies in anticipation of my test tomorrow. The test at the end of the prep showed me as satisfactory, but a 73% for the state portion did not give me a warm fuzzy...so I have some work to do!

Before signing up for the class, I wasn't sure of the additional value the prep could bring, but the content was well structured and compacted, instructed and a logical and enjoyable fashion, and there were a lot of little tidbits of interesting information that you contributed to the class. In short, thank you for making it worth the time and I very much enjoyed being part of your class.

Thank you,
Lyndi Howell

Champions School of Real Estate allowed me the flexibility of taking the core real estate classes on my busy schedule while I was making the transition from my previous profession into residential real estate. The instructors were very knowledgeable and the interactive classroom setting provided a great learning environment for me. I was well-prepared to take the State & National Exams and thus launched my career into Residential Real Estate very quickly. Thanks Champions!”

Craig Browning
Phyllis Browning Company

Good Morning,

Just a short note to say, Thank You !!! I took the State & National tests yesterday and passed both on the first try. I want you to know that I am truly pleased with the course material, support staff and the overall quality of the real estate program at Champions. I will definitely use Champions for any and all of my continuing education requirements.

Kindest Regards,
George M. Elias

Hi Kim,

I would like to recognize an individual at your Coppell Office for her outstanding customer service. Alex Teusink graciously answered many of my questions this morning (and I had many) about upcoming classes, designations, certifications, and more. She helped provide me with a much clearer path of what classes might meet my specific needs for my early stages in the business. She also informed me of a new class that I might be interested in taking on 3/30, 3/31 that entails guest speakers - hearing from top producing agents in and around our area. Although no MCE, this sounds like it will be beneficial. Alex was so patient and kind. She didn't rush through my questions. She showed genuine care and concern about my career direction and early stages of starting my own small business. This meant a lot to me.

Also, I took a course yesterday at your Plano/Dallas location. It was a Certified Home Marketing Specialist class. It was insightful and should prove to be a valuable tool as I begin my career in Real Estate. Kelly Logsdon Rush did a nice job delivering the presentation. She's very passionate about marketing real estate and providing staging for her clients. With this said, she is the perfect instructor for this course. Very well done!

I'm very pleased with Champions School of Real Estate and have been for many years. Keep up the good work!

Dana Smith
Flower Mound, TX 75022


I have taken all my real estate classes with Champions and have always been treated well.

Currently I am approaching my 24th month as a salesman and needed help with the steps necessary to become a broker. Your employee Dorothy Barringer, went above and beyond to assist me with this task. As you know TREC is undergoing a move and internet site issues. This is dumbfounding to me in many ways, since their broker obviously didn’t think about interruption of services…they should fire their broker!

With Dorothy’s help, I now clearly have a grasp on this confusing task. She was EXTREMELY nice and helpful. She always smiles and assists in every way possible. I find this very refreshing in a world where it seems nobody has a sense of community anymore.

She should be commended for her efforts and outstanding service!

Because of her, I will continue to do business with Champions in the future and refer anyone from Moody Rambin or any other brokerage for that matter, to your school.

Once again, I would like to share my gratitude for your exceptional employee, Dorothy Barringer.



Robert LaCoure
Moody Rambin Interests

Hi Cyndi,

Just letting you know that I sat for the State Pro-Inspector exam last night and passed. I couldn’t have done it without the excellent preparation and assistance that I received from Champions. So Thank you. If there is anything that I can do to repay my gratitude, please let me know.

Thanks again and have a great day!



I have my first ALHS client closing Feb. 4!!!

Just wanted you to know and thank you for everything!!

Warmest Regards,

Cheryl Brewster
The Donnell Group

Mrs. Powell,
My thanks to you and the staff of the Champions School of Real Estate (Round Rock, Texas) for providing an exceptional learning experience. Though I was somewhat nervous about the new Safe Act mortgage originator licensing requirements, you and your staff were more than helpful in explaining to me what the state office was not able to do. In fact, our state office for mortgage lending is currently not accepting phone calls and or walk in inquires for licensees. To be able to call your campus and speak with a competent professional was a blessing.

However, what I must truly commend Champions for is the exceptional learning experience provided by your facility, and specifically my RMLO instructor Pat Patton.

And as they say, the "proof is in the pudding", and I am happy to report that I passed the national mortgage originator test on the first attempt!

Thank you again,

Robert Edwards

Just want to say “thank you” I appreciate Champions school of real estate; I appreciate the opportunity to come in and take prep exams as many times as I desire; I just so appreciate Tina, Paul, the ladies whom work in the front office; all of them together make Champions school a pleasant experience and useful tool to help me get where I am headed. Thank you!!!!

David Kelly


I cannot say enough about the Champions at Champions. I have felt like I became a member of a family when I took my first CEU class. Besides that, the seminars I have attended have all been so informative and I have always felt so welcome that I always look forward to the next one. Roy Carter is a blessing to Champions and the Real Estate Inspection industry; a true quarterback for the inspector team. I am looking forward to the next class I will be taking next month on Electric components of a structure. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!

Just one of your Champions,

Chic Saenz

Hi Reba,

Thank you so much for being a great instructor. Not only did I pass my exam yesterday, the woman at PSI said it was the highest score she'd seen - 28/30 on state and 75/80 on national. Thanks for all your help!


Gene Plaks

Property Manager
Rentflow Network


The Real Estate Prep really help - I passed the Broker exam yesterday evening. Thanks for the help.

Glen D. Kirksey

I wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you for helping me get this far. All I lack now is the background check (and to select a broker). The test was a breeze but that is not the point of this email.

After taking my pre-licensing courses at Champions, I feel truly prepared for this new career, not just passing the test. For example, I can't actually believe how completely prepared and comfortable I felt interviewing brokers. Your experience and guidance allowed me to demonstrate to these strangers (by knowing the right questions to ask and follow up) that I am serious about this work and can be an asset.

I know that I have a lot yet to learn but that doesn't frighten me like it once did. I know that success or failure depends on me.

Bottom line, the real value in the coursework at Champions is in the experience of each instructor and their ability to effectively communicate with their students. I am so glad that I did not take the online option for any of my classes.

Thank you, all, very much

Donald R(Rob) Johnson


Thank you so much for a stimulating class that was very educational and interactive. Your enthusastic approach was relaxed and yet structured. I've been in classes and information sessions that have dragged because the instructor/facilitor's most important item on his/her agenda was to impress the class/audience rather than inform and motivate. I can only speak for myself, but I was informed and motivated the two days of your class. I know that when I need or look for another class, I will research Champions' Programs to see what and when you teach classes and enroll.

Thanks again for a very positive experience.

Bill Butcher, Realtor
Coldwell Banker Apex, Realtors

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank your institution and your very very specially nice, efficient and heartwarming people you've chosen to relate to us, mainly speaking about linda and stephanie...thanks girls for all your guidance, help and support !
have a wonderful day,


Really enjoyed my course (my 2nd with your school)...I will be back!!! Thank you,

Victor J. Martinez

Hi Stephanie,

I took the State Exam yesterday morning and passed, WOW I AM GLAD THAT'S OVER!

Thank You for your support and help , please Thank Cyndi and Alex for me as well.

You three ladies were very very helpful and supportive.

Thanks Again,
Ronnie Williams
Lubbock TX.

Hey Gary!

I took your class this weekend, I am the girl who looked about 15 years old who was asking you about brokers you recommended. :)

Anyways, wanted too share the good news with you that I PASSED the exam! I took the test yesterday and after waiting an hour and a half in a smelly waiting room with 20 barber students and their models at PSI - I determined to myself that unless taking a broker's exam, I never wanted to go back there again!

Anyways on the State portion I only missed 1 question - on the National I missed 11. Needless to say your prep and teaching methods are priceless to me and I am sure I would not have done nearly as well without you and Champions. I can't thank you enough and I hope to keep in touch with you.

Next task at hand is finding a broker to sponsor me!

Best Regards,

Sally Soliman

Hey Kelly,

It's Landon Calhoun from your champions real estate course. I just wanted to let you know I passed my TREC exam thanks to your help and I think about your advice and tips you gave our classes all the time! Im accepting a spot at Keller Williams Elite in the park cities...I hope it works out for the best.. Thanks again for all your help!

Landon Calhoun

Hi David,

Thank you so much for your excellent exam preparation class. I took the Broker’s exam this morning and made a 90% on both sections! See you at the next GA/PAC meetings!

Scott Daniel
Crown Realty

Dear Allan -

Separately, loved being in your class again -- you really make real estate CE interesting and relevant. Last weekend, my Sony Digital Camera was misplaced after the bride's maids luncheon in Dallas-- I am still hopeful it will turn up- but if it doesn't I now know what to buy --and I will be a better more versatile camera than I lost….so I am putting my new knowledge to work!

Thanks again--see you in two years!

All the best,

Lisa F. Blonkvist, CIMA®
Senior Vice President-Wealth Management
Senior Investment Management Consultant
Blonkvist Team
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Hi Sue,

Wanted to say thanks for a great educational experience, you have raised the bar for me to be the best Broker I can be for my clients and agents. I will encourage my agents to pursue the ABR at a minimum and hope they are blessed to have you instruct.


John Ferraro
Owner Broker
HUD Certified

Hello Mr. Richey:

I took your prep course at Champions in June and wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks. The test was nothing short of painful... however I passed! 93% State and 88% National. Being prepared with the test taking tips and question style was almost more helpful than learning the actual test content and probable questions.

Phew! Now I just have to decide where to hang my hat. New day, new challenge.

Take care,

Tangela Robinson


I want to share my good news of passing both the national & state tests FIRST TIME. I appreciate you and the other instructors at Champions. Great job in preparing us! I enjoyed my classes and you are SO good at what you do. I'm sure you hear that a lot but it's always good to hear it again. Keep up the good work. I want to email Richard Weeks, my prep instructor, but I don't have his email. Would you by chance have it?

Please keep me in your database as I would like to stay in touch. I also hope to see you at Champions again. SAE begins!!!

Thanks Again,

Rosemary Croney Keller Williams Realty Flower Mound, TX

Your school is doing an excellent job of educating real estate professionals! Thank you very much!

Stephanie Henson
Texoma Premier Properties


thank you for all of the instruction during my examination portion of this new career. I have been fighting sinus infections for 3 weeks plus now and finally decided to take the exam. I scored a 95% on the Fed portion (5 wrong) and 90% on state (3 wrong). I enjoyed all of the instruction at Champions; first rate establishment!


this past Saturday I passed the professional inpsector's exam !!! I appreciate all of your help. I know I could not have passed it without Champion's exam prep class and information. It was extremely helpful. Thanks. I now would like to find a experienced Inspector that I could observe on a couple of inspections for some final practice. If you know of one let me know. I live in WF and would not be a direct competion to anyone in the metroplex.

Thanks again,

Joe Bohannon

Hey guys,

Just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks to all of you! I Passed the State Exam this AM! it was tough!!! But you guys had me ready! Got it on the first try!

I'm ever ever grateful and will tell anyone looking for training to join me as a CHAMPION!!!!!

Take Care folks!

Rodney Rodriguez

Hello everyone:

Just wanted to say how much I thank each of you for being a part in helping me successfully pass my exam (first time) on 6/5/10. You all played a part as there were test questions presented that made me think of each of you!! I scored 29 out of 30 on the State (96.66%) and 71 out of 80 on National (88.75%).

Re: National, I missed the most questions in Contracts and Transfer of Title (I missed 2 of 10 in Contracts and 2 of 4 in Transfer of Title).

Although I wish I could have had a better score on National, I found the test to be very easy. I completed in about 1.75 hrs. The questions you all have at the end of the chapters in the various core books (and, of course in the Prep book) really hit the mark. If students complete those and understand the rationale for the correct answers, they will do FINE!!!

Champions does a remarkable job preparing a candidate for the Real Estate exam. I can't say enough good about it... I have signed with Prudential Gary Greene Bay Area and already have a couple of potential items of business "in the pipeline". Here's to "baptism by fire!!" A couple of friends of mine knew I was going into Real Estate and are now wanting their needs met ASAP!!!! No pressure there!!!

Anyway, thanks again to each and all for your help and wisdom. I truly can say I appreciate and enjoyed my learning experience at Champions School and will be back for future CE needs!

Best regards,

Joe Bourne


This is Rexford T. Caudill, I wanted to let you know I took the test last Friday Morning, May 28. I passed, so I want to SAY THANK YOU, Pam so much for HELPING ME DO SO. HOW and What You told me to study was the WAY TO DO IT, and I APPRECIATE IT. Please tell your future STUDENTS, if YOU are willing to listen to easy, simple instructions, follow them, do them, and work Hard, YOU WILL DO IT!!!!

Respectfully and SEE YA AT THE TOP!!!!!

Rexford T. Caudill


I passed my exam this week on the first try. Thanks to you and Champions for preparing me.Now I am trying to apply for insurance and they want a copy of my pre-inspection agreement. Is there some kind of generic agreement floating around somewhere that you could send me a copy of, or is this something I need to draft and make up? I know it was probably discussed in one of the classes, but what kind of info needs to be on it? Any help would be appreciated.

Bruce Boyd
Professional Real Estate Inspector

Thank you. I took my salesperson's exam last Thur. Apr. 29 in Houston and I scored 93% on the state portion and 94% on the national portion. Your courses were very beneficial, and I plan on using them again in the future. Thanks for thoroughly preparing me for the exam. (I took the courses online).

Don Winkles
Brenham/Chappell Hill

I enrolled in the real exam prep course for my brokers exam, and just wanted to say it was easy to study and I passed the exam easily first round. I will continue to use your online courses. Thanks.


Good morning Rita,

I called your school last friday wanting to gather information concerning the NMLS prep course offered. I had quite a bit of anxiety because I didn't know what to do, what questions to ask, because I am trying really hard at becoming a loan officer for which I had quite a bit of concerns. Due to all of the changes going on and the challenging "fine prints" to all of these changes, I must say that I have been terribly confused for quite a while. The very best anecdote for my many issues was being greeted by Karen Smith.

I nervously explained to her where I currently stand in the licensing process. Karen calmly explained ALL of the current requirements patiently and confidently. Our conversation literally made my day after my many anxieties were laid to rest. Karen even remembered my situation and wanted to make sure that I was investing my time and money in the right manner by going over once again what suited my goals the next day when I called to solidify a spot in your class with payment. I was also reminded several times (just in case I had a case of test anxiety) that I was more than welcome to take a mock exam at any location I desire for practice. I can certainly understand why she stressed this; she sensed my anxiety upon our initial phone visit.

I am now confident about not only my expectation of your providing prep course, but the entire process on future testing and licensing. The entire experience was an enjoyable one as Karen even sent an email hoping that I enjoy the class and wishing me luck on the national exam; even went so far as to requesting that I let her know when I pass... now in the 21st century, WHO TAKES THE TIME TO GO TO SUCH LENGTHS??? AMAZING!

I would very much appreciate an act of some sort of positive employee recognition for Karen Smith as your school will be highly recommended due to the welcoming voice and persona I experienced.

Many many thanks for your time,

Steven Savoy



Just wanted to let you know I passed my Broker’s test on Friday. It was a little tricky of course but fairly easy. Just make sure they really read the questions. One in particular that caught my eye was a question about proration of taxes. Usually as you know it always asks what the Seller is going to pay. This asked what the Buyer was going to pay. If you didn’t catch that you would have gotten it wrong. The answers of course had the answers if you were to work the issue as a Seller but only one of the four was for the Buyer and that was the correct answer.

I really enjoyed your class. I felt very comfortable with you and your method of teaching. You are a gifted individual and were born to teach.

Just to let you know. I don't have a degree and had to take all the classes at Champions in order to be a broker. It can be done! Thanks to you and Champions for all the help.

-- Regards,

Larry Hernandez
Realty Associates
Hernandez Properties


Just wanted to let you know that after taking your prep course at Champions this week, I passed both parts of the state exam. Thank you for making that possible. The class was a tremendous help.

Tom Murphey


I wanted to let you know I passed the TREC test the first time. The test I took was very straight forward and contained nothing I was not prepared for. I took the test at the Northwest Location on loop 610 @ 290. All of the material was on computer. No booklets were involved. All of the diagrams were clear and well marked. I completed the test in one hour fifteen minutes and scored a ninety. Thanks for your time and effort in my education . It felt really good to be totally prepared for this test. If I may be of assistance to you please let me know.


Allen Barrilleaux

Hi John!

Susan Walker here from your Law of Contracts class. Just wanted to write to say again how much I enjoyed your class. You really have a gift for teaching, as evidenced by your ability to make such a dry subject matter so intriguing!

I thought your closing the class with that Chinese proverb was a wonderful touch. I had never heard it before but loved it, then last night my husband, Tommy, and I ordered out from Golden Wok. After dinner I opened my cookie and what do you think my fortune said? "I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand". HA! I knew in that moment I had to write to you!!

All the Best,


I would like to compliment your school on the great service and support you provide. I will NEVER use another training course!. In order to save $30 I wasted more than 4 times the hours required with another on-line company only to discover 6 of the hours had expired on Dec. 31, 2009. Besides that it is a night mare to reach anyone at the other company. THANK YOU all at Champions for being the best you can be.

Janice Williams
Capital Trust Realty
Be the change you want to see in the world!

Kudos to Champions School of Real Estate for having such an entertaining instructor in Allan Hancock. We learned a lot and he made it fun for all. Great sense of humor. When an instructor is enjoying his work, it translates to a great learning experience.

Kelle Hill
Hill Properties

Hello Stephanie,

I received your mail-out a couple days ago, with the prep classes listed. I wanted to let you know I have taken the test and passed. I have hung my license with Great Locations, in Buda.

Also, I am in the the process of submitting my first offer on a property in San Marcos. I am really excited and loving it...

Thank you, for all you did for me during my time at Champions.

Jan Thomas, Realtor
Great Locations Realty
Buda/Kyle/San Marcos/Austin

Hi Stephanie,

I wanted to let you know that I passed my test on my first try.

Thank you very much for all your help

Have a Great Day!

Roberto Lovera
JIT Delivery
PH (512) 658-7542
FX (512) 832-8931


Linda Toney signed me up for the commercial & ethics classes today. She is GREAT! You guys have awesome customer service. I'd like to thank you both for assisting me so promptly.

Have a Great Day!


Hi Folks,

It was pleasure meeting you all last week. Sue Ikeler was a great instructor and very entertaining. I feel like I learned a lot and am very glad I took the course.

Good luck to you all and please call me if you ever have a mortgage question I can help you with. I only do loans.

Jim Walker

Hey david,

This is Joseph Harmon I took your prep course in austin and I wanted you to know that I passed the exam the first time with an 86. I just wanted to say thank you for everything I couldn't have done it without you. If you ever have anyone coming to Laredo send them my way and i'll do the same thing for anyone going to Austin. Thanks again.

Joseph Harmon


I just wanted to drop you a quick note expressing my  experience at your Champions School of Real Estate in Round Rock.  Genia and you were terrific in setting me up in my classes on such short notice.  I attended the classes as I would call it, Mortgage 1 & 2, with Pat Patton as our instructor for the last two weeks.   Pat was a terrific instructor and to attest to his skills and teaching, all five of his students including me from those two classes, passed our Mortgage Loan Officer exam today.  YEA!  What an achievement!  Thanks again and I look forward to attending more clasees at Champions in the future and referring my friends too!


Glen Sanford
Mortgage Banker
Land Mortgage
Austin, Texas


Thanks so much for your support in my classes and all representatives that I have spoken to are so helpful not to mention great attitudes as well. I will be using Champions in the future and will recommend you to anyone needing this type of education.

Thanks again.


Jennifer Hamp

Hi David,

Just wanted to say thank you for the class on preparing for the broker's test. I took it this morning and passed with flying colors! What a relief to have that done. I know I couldn't have pass without your class.

Jill Crecelius
Solis Real Estate Group
Real Living, Lifestyles Realty


Just wanted to thank you and your staff for all you did to assist me in achieving my goal of getting my Real Estate Broker’s License.

I picked up my courses from Champions School Of Real Estate on Jan. 16, 2009, Completed a total of 540 Hours (18 Courses) Plus a 2-day Prep Class and sat for the Exam on March 9, 2009. In all it took me 52 days. I Could not have been successful without the assistance of Champions School of Real Estate and especially from you. Thank you so much. If I can ever help you out in anyway please let me know.

Have A Great Day



Thanks for hiring Bobbette Chronister....without going into great detail, we had a mixup (my total mixup) on why I had not been credited with having taking the MCE course and my licence had expired. As it turned out, I had gone to (Brand X) Kaplan's course rather than Champion's. ( From now on, I am a Champion's student for MCE ).

I have a background of employment with perhaps the greatest company in the world....IBM. IBM believes in basically three things which all businesses should be based upon:

  1. Build quality machines, hire and train quality people
  2. The customer is King
  3. The employee is Queen
Bobbette gave me all three of the above. It's rare in today's environment to have that kind of person...hang on to her...she'll be instrumental in building your business because of the attitude and outlook of 1., 2. & 3. above. The best to you all for the remainder of the year and 2009.

Bob Hutto

Hi Kristin,

Just a short message letting you know how much I appreciated attending Champion's State Broker / Salesperson Exam Prep Course. Peggy, our course instructor, did an excellent job covering both the state and national curriculum. I've been licensed for over 16 years. Attending this course not only prepared me to pass the State Brokers exam on the first try but also learned that it's an excellent refresher, not to mention learning of new concepts was certainly a plus. Please extend my appreciation and gratitude to Peggy, as if not for her teaching abilities, this would have been extremely difficult to accomplish. I also want to recognize the other professionals I met in office. All were very polite, courteous and professional.

Best Wishes,

Paul Thomas Leigh, MS, CSP
Consultant to ExxonMobil Development Corporation
Nigeria JV Development Projects

Hi Kristin,

Yeah I received my Broker’s license…thank you for your help. After 30 years I thought it was impossible but with your help I fulfilled a dream and a goal.

Thanks again…

Cherry Ruffino


I attended your ICC Exam Prep Course last week at the 1960 Location. I just returned from taking the Residential Electrical Inspector exam and am happy to report I passed on the first attempt thanks to the information you gave us in the class. Your advice to "work the system" and answer the questions I knew and go back to the others worked really well. Thanks for providing the benefit of your experience and tell Rita to give you a raise.

Justin Foster
Lake Conroe Inspections, Inc.

Hi Sonya,

It was so nice to see you and talk again. I just wanted to let you know how informational and energetic Cynthia Perkins is at teaching your Power House Class at Champions School of Real Estate. I not only walked out of the class learning but feeling empowered by Cynthia. She really knows how to teach you about how to get started in the Great big world of Real Estate. I feel like I know more now even after being in Real Estate for a year. Thank you Cynthia for all you do at Champions School! She is truely a great teacher.

Dustee Gutierrez
Karen Derr & Associates

I took the test this morning and passed both parts. I scored 92 on the National and 80 on the State. I had thought the National was harder, so studied more on that. I think that the State had more questions on it that I had not read about or heard about in the Prep Class. Maybe it was just the luck of the draw on questions.

I certainly will recommend the Champion Prep Class to anyone that asks. After the two days with you, I was fully prepared for the test. Your presentation of the material was excellent and I felt confident about passing after the class. I did my classes online because of the distance from home to the school, but in the future I will attend classroom sessions when possible. I saw firsthand the good job Champions does.

Great job on your part. Thanks for the assistance.

Wade Sullivan

Thanks for your assistance and training materials! I passed the license exam on the first try with an 80% Texas and a 96% National. The Prep Course was very helpful and I am looking forward to a career in Real Estate, I would appreciate any further information on finding a local Spring, Texas broker to begin a career with.

Thanks so much,

Lisa Chebret


At the attachment you will find the Course Completion document for your Course Number 02-00-049-5701 that fulfills the remaining 3 Hours required for renewal of my Broker's License. (I completed the Ethics and Legal Courses live at Austin Institute of Real Estate on June 26, 2008). You have an exceptionlly well organized and smoothly functioning On-Line system. Had I know how seamlessly your system functioned, I would have done all nine hours on-line with Champions, as like some others in this trade, I tend to procrastinate putting to my education requirements to rest. (With my renewal expiring on June 30th, I am pushing brinksmanship a bit far).


Jim Campbell, Broker
Austin Proactive Properties

Hi Kristin,

I am a home inspector, and received my classroom training from Champions. After being in the business for a few years and seeing what training is available, and the education level of other inspectors, I feel like I got the best training available!



Hi Kristin,

I wanted to send a note of thanks for the plan you set up for me and let you know I took the Broker Exam this AM and PASSED! It was a challenge but thanks to you and Champions School of Real Estate we pulled it off. Kristin Wilson presented her Prep Class info and details in a professional manner helping make the exam as easy as it can be.

So thank you again everything and words of encouragement.


Rick Carr,
Capital Property Management

Hi my name is Veronica Hernandez, i was in your pre-testing class yesterday and [had previously] fail[ed] the test. Well i did what you told me to focus on federal laws and the state regulations , I studied all night and got there on time . I pass[ed] the test. I'm so happy, that pre-test really help me.

Last time i did not pass the test because i did not take the prep-course, but everything that you mention was on the test.

Again just wanted to thank you so much for teaching and encouraging people and passing on all the knowledge and experience you have. By the way for sure I'll be coming back for the loan processor course sometime next montht.

Thank you and have a bless day!

Veronica Hernandez

She [Ellen Roylance] has been by far one of the best teachers' I have had in continuing education. Ellen is extremely thorough with her material, she answers every question that a student has, she is by far a great asset to Champions. As I mentioned to you yesterday, that by listening and participating in class was more than enough to complete the homework assignment and to make an A on the test.

I highly recommend Ellen to anyone who is preparing themselves in obtaining a real estate license.

Thanks for you time.


Vanessa Guerrero

I would first like to Thank my instructor Mr. David Jones for a great class I attended on Feb 23 and 24 it was a great success I pass my national test the following weekend my state exam I had already pass but it was a struggle to pass my nation one but after I took the Prep class I was motivated and it was a great help attending the class I thank Champion School of Real Estate for having such great customer service and such great Instructor I would recommend Champion School of Real Estate to any one Thank You So much.

Patricia Sanchez

Dear Sonya:

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your class for new Sales agents.  Cindy Perkins our instructor made it a lot of fun (she has a great sense of humor) and very informational.  She is an excellent teacher, and even though it was all day for four day, I always looked forward to going.  Thank her for all her hard work.

Rosemary Hoyt


The real reason for this e-mail is to tell you how much I enjoyed Clay Bohannan and the course.

I have attended several in my forty plus years in business and really was looking forward to this course like getting the flu. Clay was not only experience and very professional but kept the class moving while getting everyone involved. He was quick to pick up on people’s experience and would bring them to the fore front to share with everyone. You could tell and feel he did care about the students getting the information and several times would question people I guess that had puzzled faces. As I mention earlier he kept the class moving and from being boring with his stories, comments, and jokes. I never dream I would say I actually looked forward to going to the classes on the 2nd & 3rd days.

I have shared my thoughts about Champions to the rest of my Houston co-workers along with the ones in Dallas (Sherman), and Austin and I am sure Champions will see a lot of UBH employees in their classes.

John A. Markum
United-Bilt Homes, Inc.

My name is Kathy Markham and I took your prep course just after last Thanksgiving. It has taken me a while to write you, but I wanted you to know I passed the exam with flying colors on the first try! I even made a 94% on the state portion! In addition, I answered all five math questions correctly, and that's a direct result of taking the class.

Your course was EXTREMELY helpful, so thank you for your help! I found the exam to be easier than expected, and that's probably because of knowing all the helpful hints.


Kathy Markham
Markham Realty, Inc.
Huntsville, TX


Good afternoon, I hope all is well. I wanted to follow up with you and let you know I really enjoyed taking the LO 2 class. It was very informative and exceeded all expectations by a long shot. If at all possible I would like to further discuss any marketing strategies you may be willing to share in further detail. On top ethics, compliance and other items I as an LO looked past, I came away from LO 2 knowing I have gone about this the wrong way. Sure, I've made some good money by I have also left thousands of dollars on the table by being the 'transactional' LO. I really liked what you had to say about the LFH (you're right that is hard to say) and would appreciate any other ideas or advice you may have. Thank you ahead of time for your influence and consideration in this matter, I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Paul Lamnatos
Branch Manager
Senior Mortgage Consultant
Mortgages First Real Estate Services
2417 North Freeway Ste A
Houston, Texas 77009
Website: www.mortgages-first.com

My name is Craig Lewin and I am happy to report that I passed my Texas Real Estate exam today on the first try. This exam took a lot of preparation, but it was easily accomplished with the help of the Texas Real Estate Prep Course. It was the best money I have ever spent. I read the testimonials online before I signed up for the class, and thought, "I'll give it a try." Well until I took the test today I didn't realize how accurate the prep course truly was. I didn't have time to go and take the class at the campus, so I was hoping the online courese would prove to be just as good, and I feel it was! Thank You Champions School of Real Estate, as you have helped me start my path to a successful career.

Craig Lewin
Dallas, TX

Hello - I just wanted you to know that I took my Texas Real Estate exam on 12-20-07 and passed. To my surprise the scores were pretty good. There were 35 State questions and 85 National questions but they only scored 30 State and 80 National. I missed one on the State for a 29 and 3 on the national for 77. Your Prep class helped me so very much because it had been quite some time since taking the course on line. Much of the material was very obscure. Thanks to to very nice instructors Gary Richy and Thom Hulme, and for the Prep class materials the test was much less intimidating that it could have been. The math part was much easier than I had anticipated largely due to the fact that the math prep portion of your course reinforced the skills necessary to handle them. Also I agree with whoever said "read the book and study the TREC 1-4 Family Resale Contract". Those 2 things helped me immensely

Thanks to all at the Preston Street and Coppell locations. The class was definitely worth it and the donuts were good too :)

Larry G. Fout

[The New System] works great! I will recommend and use you for all of my classes from now on. The last on-line renewal I used through the Board was terrible. Champions is wonderful. You far beat even the school I went to years ago when I initially got licensed in real estate. You are wonderful!!!!!

Thank you so very much and I wish you great success. I will recommend you highly to everyone who asks me.

Jennifer Murphy
Don Lawyer Team
Keller Williams Real Estate

Hi Carrie -

I just wanted to thank you and all of the teachers and staff at Champions School of Real Estate for providing such a wonderful place.

Beginning on July 13th, I took the 3 day Fast-Track classes, and ended on the weekend of July 28th with the prep class.

I thoroughly enjoyed the classes. The material was covered in a efficient manner and the personal insights and experiences of the instructors provided a facet of education that just doing the correspondence would not have provided.

On August 17th, I took my state exam and passed with flying colors. I am going to hang my "Shingle" with Envirion in College Station and am now waiting (again) on TREC to get through their paperwork for my license to go active.

Again, thanks for having such a wonderful school.

Paul Brannon

Champions School of Real Estate afforded me the opportunity to successfully prepare for my new career as a TREC licensed Professional Inspector. The pre-licensing education, practical application in the field, and the State Exam prep that I received at Champions was taught in a comprehensive, professional and thought provoking manner by a team of instructors with many years of success in the Home Inspection Industry. With a true eye for detail, I felt as though the instructors truly shared the most accurate and up-to-date information to ensure not only my success but my fellow students success in the home inspection industry. Once I was licensed, Champions continued to excel to ensure my success in the home inspection industry. One-on-one ride alongs with the instructors at Champions helped me to gain further knowledge to be successful in the home inspection industry. The lunch and learn sessions and the continuing education programs have provided me with an avenue to interact and learn from industry professionals and fellow inspectors. Through his leadership, direction, helpful tips and friendship, Roy Carter, the Director of Inspector Training at Champions has instilled the confidence in me to make me proud to say that I am a "Champion"!

Eddie D.Henry
American Dream Home Inspections

Eddie Henry, Champions Customer

Dear Pam,

I passed!!!. Would I have passed even if I had not taken the Prep course? Maybe! But taking your course really made me feel prepared. It truly lowered the stress level.

Thanks again.
Sandra Freeman

Champions School of Real Estate,

I recently had the opportunity to take your Powerhouse course and wanted to thank you for making it such a great experience. Cindy was fabulous and made the class enjoyable and informative. I also appreciate your concern about our safety during the storms: it is nice to know that there are still organizations that put people first. You all are truly Champions in my book!

All the best,
Liana Oram


I wanted to thank you for your teaching and mentoring on the Prep Course. I am happy to say I passed both parts of the exam. Scored an 80% on the state and a 91% on the national. I would absolutely recommend the prep course for all - it really made a difference. The state exam was certainly harder and would recommend students maybe spend a little extra time on this area.

Thanks again,
Jerry McMorrow


I wanted to thank you for a well organized and informative prep class last week at the West Houston Campus. I took the exam on Sat. and passed both tests the first time. I really feel the format of this class and your presentation of the material assisted me in being well prepared.

Thanks again
Patty O'Rourke


I took the Phase 4 and Inspector Exam Prep courses at Champions School of Real Estate last August and November 13th and 14th and successfully passed my Inspector State Test the first time on November 16th, 2006. Champions School did an excellent job of providing the subject material and Roy did an outstanding job presenting the information to me. In my opinion, Champions School, and the Staff that works there, earned an A+. Thank you for helping me and I look forward to a long relationship with Champions. Please keep me advised of Inspector events that come up. Thank you very much

Robert S. Parks
Professional Real Estate Inspector


Please give my thanks to a great instructor Mr. Adams for helping me with passing my exam and thanks to Champions for hiring a terrific instructor.

Bertha Garza


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for guiding us through the Principles of Real Estate. You made a potentially tedious subject come to life with your anecdotes and real life scenarios. During my 20 year tenure as a sales representative for a large pharmaceutical/nutritional company, I also enjoyed training and teaching new representatives the hows, whys, whens etc of the business. It was such a great feeling to see the lights come on, and hear the "OK, I get it now". And it is so much easier to understand when you can apply it to a real situation.

Again, thank you for your help this week. It is obvious you enjoy both teaching and real estate, and your enthusiasm was contagious. I hope to see you again sometime soon.


Lily Tapp


I wanted to thank you for Champions School of Real Estate’s participation in the subject class that I took aboard the cruise ship this past week. Of course, our instructor was awesome and very informative about each topic of the class. Again, thank you for making it available to us.

Thanks again.

Kathy Rue
Heritage Texas Properties


I just wanted to let you all know that I took my state exam today and passed. The courses I took along with the Prep Course from Champions School was excellent in getting me prepared for this exam. Please pass along my sincere gratitude for the high quality of education you all are offering and the ease of access to these classes to whomever would like to know.

Thanks again.

Winnie Leviness

Good morning,

A quick Thank You for a class well taught. Jeff and I really enjoyed the vocabulary lessons in Real Estate and hope to work with you on a professional level sometime in the future.

We are planning on attending your Agency class the first part of May and as a reminder, I would like to ask if you could or would try to teach a Contracts class in the near future. You may pass my request on to the owner of the school or have them contact me directly either by email or phone. Thanks again Michael.

Ken Mason, CNE
Network Admin

Hey Paul,

I just wanted to let you know that your student, Bob Carroll, stopped by to thank you for being such a superb instructor. He also wanted to let you know that he passed his test on the first try. He said that he's been to lots of seminars and training and he hasn't seen an instructor teach from 8-7 and not lose one student! You are excellent!!


Kristen Ann Benke
Champions School of Real Estate

Dear Micheal

This past weekend I took the 1st step toward obtaining my real estate license. I want to thank you for making it such a positive experience for me.

It is obvious that you are very committed to your profession and enjoy all aspects of real estate. The enthusiasm you project is inspirational. Principles I may not be the most exciting course but you made the material interesting and informative - even entertaining at times.

I will be taking all the core classes at Champions and have already decided to register for the contracts class you will be teaching in April. See you then!


^Beverly Smith#


I wanted to thank you and Champions for doing a good job. Kelly and Randy really made the difference in taking the test. I passed at 86%-National and 80%-State.

I will be working at Lake Country Century 21 in Colleyville!

Bill Dykstra

Due to your teaching, I have become very excited about being an agent, eventually a broker. I can’t thank you enough for your real-life stories and experience. Truly, your knowledge and great sense of humor are PRICELESS!!! I have truly become a fan of Greg Freeman Live!!! "Bring it on." Thank you again and I hope we run into each other in the field.

Eleni Katsoulogiannakis

Diann –

I took my real estate exam on Saturday and passed both parts on the first time. I just wanted to thank you and Champions for the great Prep Course and study materials. It obviously was very effective since I had no prior real estate sales knowledge and passed on the first time.

Thanks again,

David C. Bryant, Jr.
Senior Property Accountant
Grubb & Ellis Management | TXU Properties | 1601 Bryan Street | 4th Floor | Dallas, TX 75201

Dearest Rita,

You were certainly missed at our State WCR Luncheon, on Saturday in Austin. However, you should be proud to know that the ever-so-wonderful Becky Hill, represented and spoke on your behalf and was followed with a loud and thunderous applause (for you Rita). You could feel the LOVE!!

Thoughts of Education has a resounding echo..... "Champions School of Real Estate". In my pursuit of the Luxury Home Market, I embarked on a course entitled Accredited Luxury Home Specialist, offered at Champions. I found the class to be highly valuable. It provided superb quality information and training. I no longer feel intimidated by the luxury home market because it has given me the tools and knowledge for the confidence that I needed. Thank you Champions School of Real Estate for that informative class. I highly recommend this course for the knowledge and tools you will gain.

The elegantly awesome and down-to-earth Rita Santamaria and her great staff are Simply-The-Best.

All my best,

Ethel J. O'Dell Cfs, Abr, Gri
Keller Williams Realty
1401 Woodlands Pkwy
The Woodlands, Tx 77380

Thank you so much for all your help that you have given me through my school time. It's good to have someone smiling and to have a lot of patience with the students keep up the great work.

"Don't let PEOPLE and THINGS upset you they are powerless their only power is your reaction."

Natalie Compean
School Secretary
James B. Havard Elementary

Hello Carrie,

I just wanted to take the time to tell you how awesome your school is! As a alumni, the services you offer to all the students and alumni as myself are wonderful. Any time I need help, there is always someone there to assist and council me on all my needs. What I wanted to say is, "your had got me spoil". Again, Thank you for all your help!

Your alumni,

Wailen Seto


After taking your Loan Officer course last week and then following up with the Prep Exam on Saturday, I felt confident enough to go ahead and take the Mortgage Broker exam this Wednesday. I took the exam and passed without any problems, mainly because I had been prepared for what was on the test by taking your classes.

If you remember, I originally enrolled in only the ethics class, because I had taken a 28 hour on-line course from another school approximately 6 months ago. After attending your ethics class, I was impressed with the way you taught and decided to enroll in both the loan officer course and the prep exam through Champions. I really believe your classes are a must for any one desiring to pass the loan officer or mortgage broker exam.

I appreciate your help and your classes were a pleasure to attend. Keep up the good work!


Rick Rogers

Dear Kristin,

Many thanks to you for your thorough explanation on prelicensing courses to become a real estate agent! You have put me at ease while stepping into this career--I suppose there was a reason the rep at Lee College was out and you were in at Champions. I especially appreciate the extra tips you shared on TREC statistics and the record-setting Houston market. You are an asset to Champions!

Looking forward to the first step in my career change thanks to you!

Kind regards,

Lisa Pena

Dear Kristin,

It was my pleasure. Thank you for the invitation. Your students seem to enjoy the facility and the teachers. It is certainly a lot more inviting and professional than the school that I attended to receive my license. I look forward to seeing you and your staff again soon.

Christi Borden, Champions CustomerSincerely,

Christi Borden, ABR, GRI, Realtor
Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors
(cell) 832-372-7470
(fax) 281-646-1841
(website) www.christiborden.com

"Before You Start to Roam...Connect with Christi!"


I just wanted to let all of you know that another successful graduate of your school passed the state exam. I achieved my professional inspectors license in 2004 after attending your school. I can't say enough good things about Greg Freeman and Roy Carter, both excellent instructors. This year I decided to obtain my real-estate license and took your home study course and prep class. Today I took my exam at PSI. I received a 90 on the state and 79 on the national. Another success story thanks to your school. I will continue to use Champions for all of my MCE courses and recommend your institution to everyone I know. Your professional and courteous staff are terrific. Just wanted to thank you once again.

Fred Petruska

Janet Brownfield, Champions Customer"Anyone that is preparing to take the new loan officer state exam needs to take the prep course with Champions School of Real Estate. I would not have passed if I had not completed the 1 day course. The instructor was very knowledgeable and efficient on preparing us with the immense amount of regulatory information that was necessary to pass."

Thank you again for the honor and great publicity!"

Janet Brownfield

Well, it took TREC long enough to send me the "permission" to take my test. I went this morning and....
Thanks Kristin for all your efforts, help and support with getting my education and listening to me vent over the whole process. Thanks Again. I really feel a sense of accomplishment. And, without taking the prep with Kristin Wilson (who is absolutely a Wonderful Teacher) I don't think I would have passed the exam the first time. You are all fantastic at what you do.

Leslie Sullivan, ABR
RE/MAX The Woodlands & Spring
Office: 281-363-5816
Cell: 281-639-8669
Fax: 281-363-1100

Hi Kristin,

We played voice mail phone tag last month and never actually talked. I just wanted to thank you for helping me get my required broker courses out of the way. As you may remember, I took correspondence classes very quickly.

Anyway, I elected to pass on the refresher course and took my examine two weeks after I finished your course work. That was the first time the testing center had available. I'm happy to say that I passed both the state and national portions of the exam with over an hour to spare.

Michael Zin III
Zin Realty


I want to express my appreciation to Champions and most especially the team players in the support roles and teachers involved with the Professional Inspector training.

The focus and extreme dedication of everyone involved was fundamental in helping me prepare for and pass the TREC Professional Inspector's license exam.

The day after I received my license I was fortunate to be able to do my first inspection as part of my new business: Lone Star Home Inspector.

If I were to list names I'm sure I would forget someone. Suffice it to say the entire team at Champions School of Real Estate deserve the accolades for providing me with the necessary "foundation" (no pun intended) to officially begin my home inspection business.

God Bless and thank you all.


Nolan E. Kienitz
TREC # 7095

Lone Star Home Inspector
Spring, TX 77379

It's Brandy Saylor here just letting you know my exam scores were as follows:
  • State-15 minutes to complete-29 with 21 being the passing score I missed 1 question
  • National-45 minutes to complete-67 with 56 being the passing score with 13 missed
The Reason for the substantial drop in score on national was that I thought the test was too simple and I started to second guess my answers and as C.H. said, "I was smart enough to talk myself out of the right answers." The test however was a total breeze and I contribute this directly to the teaching style you both possess. Your life experiences said so much more than the standard state issue book could have ever taught me. Thank you for taking time to share your knowledge with students like myself. You make such a difference by doing so. After all of the "prepping" of the prep course I was completely afraid of the test and I think the test difficulty was "played up" a bit much by other instructors, whereas you two gave me confidence to master the test rather than stating that there was a 71% chance of failure on the first try. You both were the only instructors to say we have a 29% chance of passing without using the word "only".

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge,

Brandy Saylor

To: Champions School of Real Estate


I just wanted to give you a few words of thanks for the help you gave me and for getting me off to such a great start as a professional home inspector.

My experience with Champions Real Estate School was a major positive in launching my real estate career.

Roy Carter is an outstanding teacher. He answers every question that a wondering student could conceivably have about the inspection business. He treats every student with respect and believes in their personal success.

As a student you experience confidence that your goal to become a successful real estate professional is becoming a reality. The entire staff calls every student by name and is unbelievably supportive from first to last.

You even followed up with me after I finished the school to see how I was doing, when I was taking my test, and whether or not I passed.

Thank you!

Roger Gartman
Professional Real Estate Inspector
License # 7678

Thank you so much for your excellent customer service. It is so refreshing!

I love Champions School of Real Estate!

Best regards,

Angie Hunt

Hi Carrie:

Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know I passed the Texas RE Exam on Friday, December 15, 2006.

Your counseling really helped me hit the ground running and complete the courses and exam in record time: four (4) weeks!
  • Week of November 20, 2006: I completed the correspondence courses
  • Week of November 27, 2006: I took the open book exams, sent my Education Evaluation to TREC and applied for an inactive license
  • Week of December 4, 2006: I received the approval from TREC to take the State Exam and pre-registered online with PSI
  • Week of December 11, 2006: I took the State Prep Course, received my TX ID to register for the exam from PSI (a day or two before I received it in the mail from TREC), registered for the exam and passed it on December 15, 2006!
Thank you for your wise and comprehensive counsel. The extra minutes you took with me explaining the courses and the process really made a difference, especially your recommendation for me to take the State Prep course. Kristin Wilson did an awesome job preparing me for the exam!

I look forward to working with a broker. I am engaging conversations with some now. The broker interview questionnaire Champions School provided is an invaluable tool!

Thank you and Champions School of Real Estate for providing me the tools to be successful in real estate!

Best regards,

Dana D. Wells '96
Future Agent

Gabriela and I, Virginia, want to extend our most sincere appreciation and gratitude for all your help you provided to us. We could have not done it without you. Your support really means a lot to us. We are happy to inform you that Gabriela has passed her Real Estate test this morning. Thank You for your group support and prayers. God Bless You All. We will keep coming back for all our Real Estate education and will refer as many people possible. Your school and staff really makes a difference.

Gabriela and Virginia Guajardo


Can you believe that I passed the REALTORS EXAM on the 1st try? Not only was I the only one at the testing center that was taking the test for the 1st time but the other repeaters tried to discourage me beforehand. I tried to tell them that not only was I in favor with GOD but I'M A CHAMPION BABY! I asked many of the repeaters how they went about preparing for the exam and many of them tried to retain all the information on their own which is absurd to me. I boasted in telling them that I completed the Prep Course @ Champions and felt extremely confident in passing with the materials I was presented with. One of the repeaters was taking the test for the 8th time, can you believe it? 8 times and she stated that she completed the courses @ KAPLAN as well as the Prep course there but didn't feel as confident as I seemed to be. She called me last night and confessed that she failed the National portion once again and was for sure going to sign up for the PREP course @ Champions.

I must admit that there is no way possible that I would have been able to pass the exam. If it wasn't for the PREP materials and course. I walked in there confident and walked out a CHAMPION!

I'm proud to be a product of Champions School of Real Estate and I give thanks to all the instructors I had as well as the wonderful counselors like yourself! No matter how busy you guys are you always greet folks with a smile and go above and beyond to assist.

I'm proud to be a CHAMPION and I know that this is just the beginning for me I WILL BE ON THE WALL OF SUCCESS AT ALL CAMPUSES!




I'm writing to tell you that I attended the Power House Training class on February 16 at the Galleria Campus and I have never walked away from a class owning the information like I did this weekend. Ellen made the class so inviting and enjoyable that I did not want the weekend to end. I feel that this class should be a requirement before any agent receives their license. I would and should have taken this class 4 months ago and I think that I would be further along in my profession than I am now. I gathered more useful information from this to put to good use in my office and it will allow me to better serve my clients and co-workers. Ellen allowed the class to work together and allowed us to share our opinions and pulled us out of our comfort zones and it allowed us to bond together in the class. I met a lot of great people and new contacts that I may not have ever met if it were not for Ellen putting us together in the class. I have been telling everyone in my office about this class and how I feel that it would benefit them to take this class so that they can soar in their profession. I will be back for more classes as I want to get my brokers license. Thanks for having a great staff and a great school!!!! You should be proud to be a part of such a great organization. I know that I'm proud to tell people where I received my training.



I have been a Realtor for 29 years in Houston and for most of those years when I have needed my MCE hours, I have used Champions School of Real Estate. Rita and her trained staff of educators provide quality education in a comfortable setting while making the material relevant & topical!!

Additionally, the support from Champions School of Real Estate to the Houston Association of Realtors for many of their activities & programs has been second to none. I appreciate having such a qualified & dedicated provider in our Realtor family.

Vicki Fullerton, ABR, CRP, CRS, e-Pro, Houston Campus
Re/Max The Woodlands and Spring, 2009 HAR Chairman of the Board

I wanted to let you know I passed the TREC test the first time. Thanks for your time and effort in my education. It felt really good to be totally prepared or this test.

Allen Barrilleaux
Professional Inspector

Such convenience! The course schedules are set up so I can start the core classes twice weekly, evenings, or weekends.

Jim Prindle, Dallas North Campus
Re/Max Preston Road

Champions is unsurpassed in their knowledge of the real estate industry and they unquestionably provide exceptional customer service!

Brenda Marshall, Online Campus
Group One Real Estate

Champions School of Real Estate is awesome! They take the time and money to invest back to us through our relationship with Women’s Council of Realtors.

Missy Stagers, ABR, CRS, GRI, Realtor, San Antonio Campus
Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, 2009 WCR San Antonio President

My MCE school day at Champions was very informative and absolutely delightful. The class itself was a delightful mix and Allan Hancock was a great instructor with vast knowledge and a marvelous way of engaging the class in the subject. I give him a 10+ in every category and Bobbette and her staff as well!”

– Ebby Halliday
Ebby Halliday Realtors

"My classes at Champions, as well as the great staff, excellent textbooks, and enthusiastic atmosphere thoroughly prepared me for the state exam. The instructors especially gave me a rewarding and inspiring learning experience. And Champions School knows that there's no law against having fun while you're taking the courses you need! Thank you, Champions."

– Marilyn Daignault, J.D.
Plano, Texas

Champions School of Real Estate is where I would go to complete my licensure requirements, if I were starting new, or to get my MCE. It is an outstanding school with a reputation for graduating excellent students and giving them the best success start in real estate!

Toni Nelson - CRB,CRS,GRI,e-pro
Prudential Gary Greene
2005 Chairman of the Board,
Houston Association of Realtors

“I have attended seminars at Champions School of Real Estate and I am very much impressed with the knowledge, technique and business acumen of the school. Champions has been and continues to be a long time supporter of Women's Council and has presented many courses for our organization.”

– Florence Terrell,
2003 WCR Texas President,
2005 WCR Regional Vice President
Bradfield Properties

I'm always proud to inform anyone that I'm a "graduate" of Champions and their Professional Home Inspector's class. The knowledge and professionalism Roy Carter brings to the table is incomparable. The entire staff are always very helpful and cheerful. . .it really makes a difference. I was able to go into the state exam feeling totally confident. I actually look forward to my continuing education classes, and the lunch and learns are always informative. It's the total package! A better name could not have been picked, because we are truly Champions. Thank you Rita, and thank you Champions School of Real Estate!! Pat Ezernack
Texas ProStar Inspections

I'm always proud to inform anyone that I'm a "graduate" of Champions and their Professional Home Inspector's class. The knowledge and professionalism Roy Carter brings to the table is incomparable. The entire staff are always very helpful and cheerful. . .it really makes a difference. I was able to go into the state exam feeling totally confident. I actually look forward to my continuing education classes, and the lunch and learns are always informative. It's the total package! A better name could not have been picked, because we are truly Champions. Thank you Rita, and thank you Champions School of Real Estate!! Pat Ezernack
Texas ProStar Inspections

Rita and her professional staff at Champions School of Real Estate offer the best quality education for the real estate industry, including training for loan officers and property inspectors in the state of Texas. Their instructors are well qualified and present the information in a format that is easy to understand. Not only are the classes well organized and informative, but the learning experience is always enjoyable. I always take my MCE classes from Champions School of Real Estate, whether in the classroom or online, and I enjoy them immensely.

Michael Levitin
2007 HAR Chairman Elect

“Champions School of Real Estate and Kim Dydalewicz are a life line to our Keller Williams Office. Not only are they an excellent source for our agent’s continuing education, Champions is a fantastic place to utilize for our additional coaching events that we coordinate for our Keller Williams Agents. Kim and her staff are extremely accommodating and knowledgeable in all areas of real estate. They are a wealth of knowledge that we can draw from time and again. I recommend that everyone partner with Champions School of Real Estate, they will not be disappointed.”

Craig Owen
Team Leader Keller Williams Realty
San Antonio Blanco Office

“The Phyllis Browning Company has benefited tremendously from the arrival of Champions School of Real Estate to San Antonio. Champions has made available tremendous meeting facilities complete with media presentation equipment and a cheerful positive staff. Our sales associates have experienced wonderful educational opportunities presented by some of the top real estate educators in Texas. Thank you for bringing Champions School of Real Estate to San Antonio. The Phyllis Browning Company looks forward to a long professional relationship with you.”

The Phyllis Browning Company
Larry Nuese, Vice President
John Flournoy, Jr., Executive Vice President/GM
Frank L. LeBlanc, Manager
Champions School of Real Estate Testimonials