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The Attitude for Being a Winner

Every Employee is the Key to Your Company’s Reputation and Success

The Assessment of Your Business is Personal


10 Reasons the Cycle Has to Move in an Upwards Trend

4 Tips for Realtors to Remain Strong in a Turbulent Market

5 Changes in Your Business Approach for Dynamic Success

Achieving Personal Success

Advertising - Words That Sell

Automated Systems and Technology for Real Estate Agents

Business Model Plan Discussion

Calming the Nervous Buyer with Facts


Change Your Mindset – Change Your Market

Entrepreneurship - How I Grew a Successful Business

Fear of Success

Federal Fair Housing and Anti-Discrimination

Getting Past the Mortgage Crisis

Green is the New Gold

HOA’s, Their Operations and Levels of Power

Hold the Listings, Rule the Market

How Full Is Your Bucket?

How Leadership is Changing

How Neat are Your Receipts

How Neo-Traditionals and Boomers Are Changing Our Market

How to Choose a Real Estate School

I didn't plan to fail

The InterNet Generation

Live, Laugh, Love Your Job

Metrostudy Sees Positive Outlook for Texas

Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage Fraud - The Old Switch (Continued)

Mortgage Fraud - Involving Predatory Lending Practices (Continued)

Mortgage Fraud - Who’s Liable? Everyone’s a Conspirator!

Netiquette and Teliquette

Now is the Time to be a Professional Negotiator

Now is the Time to Be in Sales in Texas

Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft

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Questions for Interviewing a Sponsoring Broker

Real Estate Underwriting and Closing Tips

Recruiting Tips for Hiring New Agents

Rita Discussing The Changing Real Estate Marketing On AM 700

Sizzle with Synergy

Strategies That Work When the Market Dips

Success Strategy 101 - Increase Your Market Share and Generate More Revenue

Sustainability and Universal Design

Systems in a Real Estate Office: Common Agent Mistakes

Taking Fear and Self Doubt Out of Your Road to Success

The Next Generation

The Texas Real Estate Market – Now and in the Future

Tips on Gender Communication

Tips for Hiring a Personal Assistant

Tips for Negotiation

Tips for New Real Estate Agents

Tools to Remargin your Business

TOP 5 Healthiest Housing Markets in U.S. are in Texas

TREC "Don't Do These Things" List

Thriving In Any Market Through Relationship Building

What to Look for When Choosing a Real Estate Company

What's Holding You back?

What is Professionalism?

Your New Years Resolution Checklist

Your Hourly Worth
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