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Correspondence Customer Service

Information about the course format

Correspondence/Home Study course format is a self-paced individual course. That means you will be given a textbook with which you are to read in its entirety and a homework quiz. When you have completed the homework, you are required to come into our testing centers and take the final exam for credit of the course. In many cases, you can take the exam for credit during a break of a classroom course.

How to change your schedule or format

A correspondence course can be taken at any time and from any place. We can mail you a book or you can save on shipping by stopping into one of our convenient campuses and picking it up. You can change the format of your course, for example from classroom to online, for a $35 transfer fee. Contact a Campus Career Counselor for more information on this format.

What to Expect

With a correspondence course you are free to work at your own pace. Our material will give you all of the information you need to learn but it is dependant on you learning it. The benefits are that you can start and stop whenever you want and you can be anywhere in the world with the material. Be sure to plan your schedule accordingly and do not spend too much time the first day and get burnt out. If you have not been in a learning environment in several years then ease back into learning slowly. Start with just two hours on the first day and review on the second to get your mind back into learning mode.

Who should take this format

There are two types of people we recommend our correspondence/home study courses to. The first is self-motivated self learners. If you learn well on your own and are disciplined enough to stick with the course then this format will work really well for you. The second is people who are just too busy to get to a classroom. Maybe you work full time and are raising a family and just cannot get to a classroom for 30 hours in a week, we recommend our correspondence format to you to give you the flexibility you need.

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