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Information about the course format

Champions School of Real Estate® offers you a convenient online course format in which the course material is presented to you in the form of an online video. Follow along with the instructor, take notes, and then complete the homework and exam in our online testing system. The course can be taken at any pace that you desire, without the use of a textbook, and can be taken from anywhere that there is an internet connection.

What to Expect

Online courses work a lot like an online-correspondence course except that the course material is delivered via an online video instead of a textbook. Much like the online-correspondence courses, there is one homework and one exam that can be taken at your own pace. All homework and exams that are taken online are multiple choice and requre a 70% passing grade. While the homework will have all questions presented on one page, there is a "Save My Place" button at the top and bottom of the page that will allow you to save all of your progress up to that point. The exams are delivered in 10 question sets with validation questions asked between each ten question set. You can start and stop the exams everytime you submit the set of ten questions. The system will remember what you have already answered and will always bring you back to where you left off when you return. Upon completion of the homework and exams, you will recieve your certificate.

Who should take this format

This learning method works best with busy people who need the flexibility that online courses offer and people who are comfortable working on a computer. This method is ideal for customers who do not live close to any of our 7 Texas based locations.

Questions about course content

All course content questions should be submitted in email format to
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Instructor@championsschool.com. Please allow 24-hours for a reply email to your questions. If you need further assistance please call 1-800-969-2599.
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